Can a mod contacting me please ? Paid post in Wrong section of the forum

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Good day ,
I have post and paid for a WSO offer but i made a mistake, I want to post it in the classifieds i just discovered is name " The underground " . Can a mod be in touch with me to moved my sale thread to the proper forum please ? I cannot send pm Low post count.


Thanks a lots
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    Did you try to click on the Help Desk link?

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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      Originally Posted by laurencewins View Post

      Did you try to click on the Help Desk link?
      Yeah, very useful this "Help Desk" is now a link to this "Help Forum" where as you can see help can be hard to get.

      Not sure of what's going on here right now, but I don't feel any direction is taken for the better at the moment.

      I mean, if a PAYING advertiser cannot have any customer service, or its meaning is rendered to near unreachable, where have arrived then?

      In my book, this is not sound "commerce".

      I'm willing to PAY for advertising here, which I do, I've decided to TRY back a few weeks ago, but I want to have access to direct customer service channel like a PAID FOR one, and one which do not FORCES me to use a third party spying messenger system, let alone a forum where absolutely nothing happens whether free users or PAYING ADVERTISERS, the forum's CUSTOMERS.

      Thank you for listening Freelancer, if ever that stays here...

      Best regards,
      P.S Sorry for posting this here but it seems appropriate in context and it's because you can bet I've been trying to get a PAID CUSTOMER voice somewhere here for several weeks and can only see the obvious and try to RING A BELL where a possible "door" can be seen... One more thing before I go... I've no hope... Cheers! (let's take a pic of this for the prosperity...)
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