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This could be the last thread I open regarding the issues I am facing at the moment with WF.

But first of all, I wanted to express my gratitude and love to this awesome community. Warrior Forum is where I have spent at least 2 hours every single day since late 2008 and learnt a LOT from the War Room and many other inspiring subforums. I got the pleasure to work and meet a lot of awesome WF members and I must admit that it has been a life changing experience since I was able to make and sustain my living expenses with my SEO sales thread in the "Warriors for Hire" section. My SEO thread helped me afford buying my home, car and taking care of my family

Then the dreaded day came where I learnt the most important lesson in my life, the hard way:
18 days ago, I woke up to see that my SEO thread in the "Warriors for Hire" vanished.. And I then became aware of the intended changes that were made in the WSO section and that some WFH threads were moved by mistake, which in that case included my SEO services thread. My sales dropped like a rock overnight and since then I have been getting restless sleeps due to nightmares of how I might not be able to afford paying my expenses a few weeks/months from now.

I tried to reach moderators over here via PM and thru another thread that I opened on the "Forum Help" subforum... 18 days passed and I did not get any replies on my situation and I believe the same with many other affected members with WFH threads.

There is no clear announcement on what is going to happen and I hope we get to know if this situation is ever going to be resolved. And if not, then at least it would be good to know!

The lesson I learnt: Never ever put all your eggs in one basket... Never build your whole life mainly on one income stream ever..

Good luck to all the awesome mods and admin of this awesome community.. It has been a pleasure being here and hopefully we get to hear an update on this situation soon.

If you can honor my humble request of moving my thread back to the "Warriors for Hire" section, it would be really appreciated: https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...ce-2008-a.html
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    Same problem here! Also I ordered from you and haven't received my report yet? are you closing your doors?
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      Originally Posted by NateOlsen View Post

      Same problem here! Also I ordered from you and haven't received my report yet? are you closing your doors?
      No we have not closed our doors and we never will. I have PMed you an update on your SEO campaign and it is scheduled for delivery within the next 24 hours.
      Check out the awesome SEO Packages we offer!
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