Paid for bump, not showing up

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I edited the post and resubmitted, not sure if that's all I do.

I'm sure this is the first time the mods have gotten this question :-)

I paid for a bump today before seeing the new WSO rules. I had been off the forum for a few months, so didn't see the rule change until now.

Paid $19.95 to bump this one... and it's not showing.

Is there a way to resubmit as a new/modern one without being charged again?

I'm fine with new rules and what needs to change, I just didn't want to pay for another bump when this one isn't showing up.

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  • Shawn, did this get resolved?

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    Hi Mark

    Thanks for checking in, it still hasn't changed at all.

    I paid for 2 bumps around 7 days ago, and they still stay
    in the "waiting for moderation" mode..

    I don't see them when going through the WSO thread, and
    they haven't gathered any views.

    So... still seem to be waiting for moderation mode...even though
    both were modernized.

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  • Okay just checking. We have a new admin and he's going to get this stuff squared away. Just be patient a little longer as he's just getting started and there is a lot to handle.

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    Happening to us as well. Bumped a couple of hours ago and still no go.
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    Similar problem happened to me. First, my wso was classic and I modernized it. However I can't find it in the marketplace.

    The thead is waiting for moderation but I received a notification say that it has dropped off from the first page.

    My thread is not live yet and it doesn't show up in the WSO section. How it dropped from the first page?
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    I have similar problem! First, my WSO was classic and I modernized it.
    I downloaded PRODUCT IMAGE, 2 weeks have passed and my WSO was published, but without PRODUCT IMAGE.
    How to solve this problem?
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    Well I've been waiting for a month to get my WSO approved and still in pending moderation and when i finally received an answer they were the most unusual one's i've ever seen i sent a message with my proof of purchase from paypal to the ticket and the next email i receive is "have you paid" WTH! and then they completely ignore me with no answers.

    I just want to list my WSO so why is it so hard.
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    I've been waiting for over a month for my ad to be posted. I can't even make threads in the support forum and there's no one to contact. I guess I'll have to call my bank to reverse the charges. What is going on around here?
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