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What happening here?

MODS not answering emails.
Being ignored?

I have been trying to sort out a WSO I PAID for 9 weeks ago that never worked.. no reply, nothing sorted.. This used to be the best forum.
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    Ahhh sound of silence!
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      rozzski999 advised you not to use HTML codes, this will show on the front page?

      Please revise using BBCode

      Thank You

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    It's very doubtful that you have the email addresses of MODs here.

    Admin, who is the only person who has control over WSO's, has been actively sorting problems recently in the help forum.

    I appreciate how long you've waited, so hopefully you don't have to wait much longer.
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    Rob had PM'd me a couple times - and I did answer him and passed the problem on to Admin. Can't find the WSO at all now but his classified ad is corrupted and clearly it's still a problem. Mods don't have the ability to fix it for you - Admin (KSong80 - Kevin) has tried but it's a forum tech problem.

    It is one of the detailed 'errors' that has been sent to a group of techs who have begun working to fix forum 'glitches'. Same problem has been reported by several members.

    I know it's frustrating but there is no magic button or magic mod who can fix this - we have to wait till techs figure it out. Daniel is right - there's no way to shortcut it - problem must be fixed before the posts display correctly.


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    So its now 12 weeks and not fixed. I have explained to SKONG80(Admin) that all I want is to be credited for the post and the two bumps I paid for and I will re list it.... I also explained that I no longer have a PP account as I was part of the mass culling of Affiliates that recently happened..

    The answer from SKONG80--- give me your PP address and we will refund you...

    Surely its not that hard to give me some credits to relist the WSO?

    Thats all I want...

    Sorry to put this on here but the service is terrible, I am a PAID member, have been for years but am losing the will to use the forum at the moment..
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      Hi Rozzski999,

      I've informed Mark Magat about your issue as he is the Head Moderator.
      He should be reaching out to you shortly. Thanks for your patience!

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