So we just paid for a WFH thread this morning...still nothing

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Money has been taken out of the bank account this morning (quick to take the money-I see) and the thread is still not live. It's been several hours now....

I also noticed that the WFH section was un-viewable for a large portion of the day.

Is it always like this around here and what is the ETA of the thread to go live? If I'd taken someone's money and not provided the service within a few hours or not provided some kind of communication as to when to expect delivery, no doubt I'd have my services complained about.

The support area of the forum is not exactly inspiring either. Bunch of complaints about threads not going live and communication issues with admin. Some of the threads that were posted by customers were not even replied to...

What's going on?
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    Had you read the rules you would know ad threads are not 'instant' - but must be approved....from the rules:

    Rule #3: Moderation and Approval Time

    Warrior Forum moderators must approve any offer prior to it being sold on the Warrior Forum.

    If your thread is approved, you will receive a private message from a moderator advising your thread is ready to be published with further instructions to post your offer.

    If your thread is not approved, you will receive a private message from a moderator advising that your thread has been rejected. If your thread is rejected, you are encouraged to thoroughly read through the WSO Rules posted here and align your offer with these rules. Once this is done, you may submit your revised listing.

    All submissions will generally be reviewed within 96 hours. If your submission has not been approved within 96 hours, you may contact the Warrior Forum Help Desk along with your username and thread title.

    Because you didn't take time to understand how the forum works - you posted your ad thread three times.

    As for the list of complaints - techs have been working on the forum - the 'help' section is for specific problems and members are often contacted by PM so you wouldn't know what is or is not done. There have been some technical issues lately that a brand new member would not be aware of.

    One thing to consider - part of getting business through this or any forum is establishing a reputation as someone approachable, easy to work with, etc....
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