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I just received a blast of emails saying my post had been removed. As I reviewed the emails I quickly realized every post I have done was deleted. Under the reason it says "Has nothing to do with IM."

I did answer a question this morning about the health care industry, that lightly touched on the tech side of things, and did not heavily dive into the marketing side of healthcare. I would understand this post being removed, but still would consider it splitting hairs.

The rest of my post all related to marketing. Is this standard practice? What is the purpose of deleting every post I have ever made if you do not agree that one post this morning discussed marketing enough? Some of these post had dozens of responses, as well as responses from others who had similar marketing questions thanking commenters and adding their own twist to the question. It just does not seem productive to delete 30+ post from someone because you feel a single post was not in the correct category. Deleting 30 or so post and providing a single response of 6 words making up a broken sentence also does not help me understand how to not have all of my relevant post removed in the future.

Any guidance or explanation would be appreciated, especially if it means one borderline post can result in every question I have ever asked or conversation I have taken part in being removed.
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    I think this might have been a misunderstanding - we're checking into it.

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  • Having same problem adjusting to their specific algorithm. As a new member I posted first blog which they deleted. Claimed my initial blog was advertising with no specific instruction for solving problem. I find it more productive to link examples instead of one sided response. It sounds opinionated without instruction to resolve
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    Admin has been contacted to fix it. Was a mistake and all your posts were deleted by accident.
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    I have PM you with Marks info, please email him directly, to have this resolved.

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      Also I have sent him a message myself just now.
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    Just wanted to update you I have messaged Mark again, he will be in touch.
    If you dont hear from him after the weekend please let me know.

    Thank You

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  • All of my posts disappeared as well - I think it is because I use Gsuit by Google and once you implemented option for Google Login - you treat my account as "new" by erasing everything I had here... ehh
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