What's the page with the documentation on how many posts I have to make to use the forum?

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I realize the limits are needed to protect against spam, but then again I'd also like to just get a question asked... Where's the documentation?
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    You can start here and here for some of the guidelines.

    All new threads and some new posts are pre-moderated and sometimes it takes time to get them approved.

    Note that just because someone posts, even something that isn't technically spam, doesn't mean it will be approved. For example, posts that:
    • Are copied and pasted from elsewhere aren't approved
    • Ask overly broad questions that would take a book to answer normally aren't approved
    • Ask questions that have already been asked many times normally aren't approved. Do some research first because there are tons of answers already to most basic questions.
    • Contain links normally aren't approved
    • Complain about bad service or being ripped off normally aren't approved
    • Should be asked somewhere else, such as a customer service issue with a hosting company, normally aren't approved
    • Encourage breaking other company's TOS normally aren't approved (such as "how can I get a fake address so I can get a PayPal account since my country isn't included in their approved list")
    • Are posted in the wrong section may not be approved
    This is by no means all the reasons a post may not be approved but some of the common ones.

    If a thread isn't approved, you should get an email to the email you registered on the forum with, that explains why.

    Dig in. Ask questions. Help where you can. Learn the flow of how things work and this forum can be a goldmine that can really help your business grow.

    Welcome to the forum.


    Edit: To answer your question about the number of posts required to post, the only sections that have hard limits are the JV section (50 quality posts and War Room Membership) and the Internet Marketing Product Review section (20 quality posts). Quality is determined by the mod making the decision. One liners or thanks normally don't quality.
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