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Login your account in Warrior Forum and click Launch a Modern WSO


Warrior Special Offers is the premium section of the Warrior Forum Marketplace. These threads are advertisements purchased by sellers who are members of the Warrior Forum.

Products and services sold as a WSO must be:
- A product or service you created. This means a product you OWN.
- Sold at a lower price or greater value than can be found elsewhere online.

PLR, Master resale rights and affiliate products may NOT be sold as a WSO. Other prohibited products include, but are not limited to, the list below.

- Mass Account Creators
- E-Mail Harvesters
- Lead Scrapers
- Cookie Stuffing Scripts
- Mass Automation Tools
- SEO Spam Tools
- Blog Commenting Tools
- Wiki Poster Tools
- Spamming Tools
- Automation Bots
- Forum Posting Tools
- Classified Ad Posters
- Any product/service that violates - teaches members to bypass - the rules or TOS of any site/product or service online.

-You may not sell any product that endorses, enables or facilitates sending of unsolicited bulk email, private message systems, or other channels designed for one on one communication. No product that suggests or promotes the spamming of forums, blogs, chat systems of social networking sites can be sold on the Warrior Forum.

Using the Warrior Forum logo, branding or name in sales copy is prohibited. Sellers cannot imply products or services are affiliated with the Warrior Forum in any way.

Admin reserves the right to accept or reject any offer submitted or to move the offer to a different Marketplace section.

WSO's must comply with forum rules, the laws of Australia and the laws of your geographic location. Legal compliance is the responsibility of the seller.


-All WSO's must be approved by Admin prior to being sold.
-If your thread is approved, you will receive a private message that your thread is ready to be published with further instructions if needed.
-If your thread is not approved, you will be notified by private message that your thread has been rejected. If you violated a rule you may correct the ad copy and resubmit the listing.
-If your thread is not suitable as a Warrior Special Offer, Admin may publish your ad in the Classified Section rather than reject the offer outright.
-Payment fees are non-refundable. Admin reserves the right to publish your ad in the Classified section or reject the ad thread right if it violates terms above.

-Most new WSO listings will be reviewed within 24 hours. If you have not been notified of a decision within 24 hrs you may contact the help desk and provide a link or the title of your thread.


1. Titles should describe what you are selling. Thread titles must be in normal forum font - cannot be all caps or use non-alphanumeric characters or punctuations such as asterisks and exclamation points.

2. WSO's must be submitted in the Modern View. Instructions for submitting a WSO using the Modern View may be found here:
[insert link to 'how to post WSO in modern view']

3. Income guarantees are strictly prohibited. This includes income numbers posted in 'testimonials'.

4. Sellers may not keep reposting sales copy in their WSO. A seller who continues to report his images and ad in multiple posts will find the WSO closed or moved to the Classified Section.

5. No Blind Ads and No Scarcity
- Your sales copy must clearly described what you are sellling. You can say 'what this isnt' but must also explain 'what this is'.
- You may not advertise 'limited numbers' or 'only for a short time', etc. If you are selling a limited number of products or taking a limited number of must close your thread when product/service is no longer available.

6. REFUND Policies
- Sellers are not required to offer refunds or refund guarantees. If a refund guarantee is used in the sales page, it must be honored without fail by the seller.
- Refund guarantees must be straight forward and cannot include qualifiers or proof required of buyers that would allow seller to avoid refunding.

7. Reviews and Testimonials
- Paid testimonials are strictly prohibited.
- Sellers cannot offer payment, commission, or any incentive in exchange for reviews.
- Sellers may not link to off-site reviews or videos from within a WSO thread

-Any seller who is found using paid reviews, or using multiple accts to create fake reviews, will have all sales threads closed and may be banned from the forum at Admin discretion.

-Sellers may not offer review copies in their WSO thread. Sellers may place an ad in the 'Wanted to hire you" section offer review copies in exchange for reviews/testimonials. The 'review offer' must be closed when the WSO is launched.

8. Prices and support

- The price of your product of cost of your WSO service must be listed in the sales copy. Buy buttons must be present and must lead to checkout. You may not redirect buyers to your website or order form or an opt in page.
- Seller is responsible for answering member questions in his WSO. In the event a buyer becomes abusive or demanding, seller can report the post using the 'red triangle' and mods/admin will investigate.
- Seller is required to offer a reliable method for buyers to make contact. New members may not have access to Private Messages so an alternate contact such as a support desk, email or skype address is required.


- Seller can provide an option for buyer to opt in to a list but is not permitted to force an opt in between purchase and delivery to buyer.

10. Selling email lists and leads

Sellers may not sell, share or trade the email addresses of their WSO buyers.



- ALL WSO's must be submitted using the MODERN VIEW.
- Seller must have a payment system such as Warrior Payments, JV zoo, Paypal, Stripe, Clickbank, eJunkie. We do not accept WarriorPlus as a payment system. Warrior Payments link:

Submitting a Warrior Special Offer (WSO)

1. Format your thread using BBCode. A list of available tags can be found here: Warrior Forum - The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace - BB Code List

2. You can activate the full WYSIWYG editor in your User Control Panel at:

3. Whether using the WSIWYG option or a full graphic sales page be sure to include:

1. A clear description of the product/service you are selling
2. Sales copy and graphics that provide a professional appearance
3. Seller contact info (email or skype)
4. If using a refund guarantee - state it clearly
5. Sellers may have only 2 threads on the first page of the WSO section.
6. Sellers may not replicate WSO offers by using different titles for the
same or similar product or service

If you still need help please follow the link to our HelpDesk
#rules #seller #wso

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