Market Place Listing approvals... ???

by NetMan
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What goes on, must "go on" ?

I posted and PAID for a listing on Thursday evening, May 30th, hoping it would appear for the weekend, you know when one wants to plan one's campaign, time and availability, as we were recently told they're now approved within 24h...

Well, no, it did not happen! What I've tried to plan is all f...ed-up now. Yeah.

We're Sunday June 2nd and my listing has still NOT BEEN APPROVED YET!

Thank you for you dedication, and so much care, to your user base. It seems to me that fixing this APPROVALS issue should not be that much of a "problem" to fix FGS there has been like 100 times more things to approve here and it was ROLLING, yet there seem to be a very big obstacle that prevents FL / Admins or whoever is "in charge" here. Maybe we would have suggestion if ever you'd be more open with the "idiots" of your users base... I mean we saw you guys a few times posting for changes, suggestions, what we would like to hear, to have etc., The only thing I must see from any of those threads for now is that you post, then a bunch of willing folks are "posting" in return, and with hope I guess, then the thread goes DEAD because none of you ever start to interact with users in those threads, so there really is ZERO discussion nor ANY feedback form you in ANY of these threads, and so it goes dead until another
(new?) "Administrator" of the forum come along with a new plan for changes... and then... Well, no need to go any further... We can all imagine the rest of the story be cause it is still what is going on right now...

That is very likely the LAST dime, I'll spend with you as far as I can see unfortunately, I see words but no actions in the "changes"...

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    Hey guys, I saw a bunch of new WSOs approved but I'm still waiting to my listing to be approved AFTER ALMOST 5 DAYS IN WAITING!!

    This is just f...g FRUSTRATING... NOT professional and NOT conceivable for doing serisou business in here Anymore...

    So, please be kind enough to react in a way or another, so, whether approve my listing or just REFUND ME... (that's just incredible...)

    Simple enough ?

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    Hi Andy,

    This is now approved. Thanks.
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    I also paid for the listing. I am waiting for more than a week now.
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