I want to know how we can start a brand new thread?

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As my "subject" above states: 'I want to know how we can start a brand new thread?'

More SPECIFICALLY...In want to know IF and HOW we can start a thread that reports to ALL members the experiences one has had (not so good!) with a Vendor and his/her "Internet Marketing/ Make Money Online" product!!!???

I want to start an open-ended discussion about MY experiences and then (obviously!) invite OTHER "Warriors" in to SHARE any similar experiences that THEY may have had with that very same Vendor!

I am HOPING to God the Warrior Forum ALLOWS such open discussions, as after all, when all is said and done...the WHOLE IDEA of such a discussion, is to be of benefit to OTHERS who may be about to make a purchase FROM that Vendor!

They would (WILL!) be then in a better position to make a "buying decision" (or NOT buying decision)...as the case may be!?

I hope someone gets back to me soon!

Regards: DANIEL V.
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    The WF is not a review site, although there is a product review section where established members can discuss the merits of individual products.

    In addition, any verified buyer of a WSO can post their experience in that thread as long as it remains factual and refrains from abuse.

    Other than that, if you're looking for a "vigilante" style forum, you'd be better off looking elsewhere.
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