I am leaving because of 2 bad experiences here

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Just to let you know.

1. I bought a so called "Vault" in 2016 for good money, but it was a bad experience and not of much value (thin and recycled content).

2. Last week I bought another product for automated webinars - didn't even get the credentials after a successful Payment - and now I have opened a Paypal case, because the refund wasn't possible in 5 days - even the vendor said so.

I understand that some people here are totally convinced that the warrior forum is good and helpful, but please make sure - for other people - to improve the quality check for your stuff in the future.

No hard feelings, but I will delete my account after I wrote this post...
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    I am going to answer this post because I've dealt with 2-3 similar comments recently. You've been a member for five years but have only a few posts.

    Four years ago you bought a product you didn't like - but you didn't post in the thread or post a review of the product. You have not posted any complaint about refunds.

    the refund wasn't possible in 5 days
    Again - you didn't post in the thread. You don't say if there was a refund promised in the ad thread - or whether you were told the refund must wait till the payment had fully cleared. If you don't post about it in the ad thread - how do you expect anyone to know there is a problem?

    We do not delete accts - but if you do not log in, the acct becomes 'invisible' in a short period of time.

    If the second purchase was recent, you can still post your comments IN the ad thread - to give the seller a chance to reply/explain/solve the problem.
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