What is the difference between a Joint Venture and Providing a Service?

by Calvin
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I would like to know your answer to this one.

I had been looking through the Joint Venture forum, and had seen a number of posts asking for partners who can send traffic to a webinar promoting some offer, and sharing the profits.

This seems like the perfect deal for me, since my biggest difficulty in making money online is generating traffic. I can create and host webinars, and create products, but never quite figure out the whole traffic thing.

So, I posted to the Joint Venture forum, offering to partner up with someone who can send traffic to a free webinar I would host, selling a product I create (or co-create) for the partnership.

At least I tried to. My post was rejected because, and I quote, "This is not a JV, it's a service. It belongs in the marketplace section".

As far as I can tell, there are a number of posts in the Joint Venture forum offering the same exact type of deal I was. "Send your traffic to my webinars" is acceptable, but "Send your traffic to my webinars selling offers created specifically for our Partnership" is not acceptable?

I don't understand how wanting to make more money by promoting an exclusive, unique offer suddenly turns it into a "service"?

And I really don't understand how ANY Joint Venture does not involve each partner providing a "service" to the benefit of the partnership. By that reckoning, there would never be another post allowed in the Joint Venture forum, as they would all be required to pay for a listing in the Marketplace due to "providing a service".

I admit, I did get angry when I first read that my post had been rejected, and told it belongs in the "Marketplace section" instead.

Because initially, I thought maybe somebody was just trying to find an excuse to prevent me from posting a legitimate Joint Venture offer in a free forum, and forcing me to post in a forum where I would be required to pay.

But after calming down, I realized that maybe I had accidentally offered a service when all I was looking for was a JV partner?

Is there some formula for determining the difference between a legitimate Joint Venture proposal and offering a service?

I am trying to look at if from the other point of view as well. I admit, I did my best to write my post in a way that would attract potential Partners. I tried to detail everything I would bring to the table, and make it as easy as possible for someone to partner with me.

Maybe someone had a long day, and was tired, and after a cursory glance at my post, thought it looked more like a sales letter than a Joint Venture proposal?

I mean, mistakes happen.

But assuming that was not the case, I am interested in what you think the difference is between a service and a joint venture.

There obviously must be a difference or they would not be making that distinction.

When I think of a service, I think it means I am asking for money in return for doing something. Like if I had said, "Pay me to create a webinar and product for you".

But in my instance I was only asking for traffic in return for splitting the profits.

Personally, I think that is a pretty clear distinction, and I stayed on the Joint Venture side of that line.

But like I said, I don't know.

What are your thoughts as to what the difference is between a "service" and a "Joint Venture"?

I would love to read your reply.

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    I've moved this to the 'help' section so admin can look at it and respond - as this is a weekend it may take a couple days.

    The rules must often be 'interpreted' but basically it's not a 'contact me so I can do this for you' and it was a moderator's decision that the offer did not satisfy the requirements for 'joint venture'. The ad is not for a specific partnership but a 'I'll build this for you' and seems expanded version of your signature.

    I'm sure Enzo will contact you after he's taken a look.

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    As Kay says, a member of Admin will look at this thread and decide. From my point of view, what you are offering in your post is a service, in that you are offering to provide a webinar service for any member who wants it. In that respect, it's not a one-off partnership, but an expanded ad for what you're currently offering in your sig file.

    Look at it this way - if you were offering, say, a copywriting service, calling it a partnership with your clients wouldn't change the nature of the service. It wouldn't be a JV under the terms of that section, but an ongoing service aimed at everyone.

    There may well be similar offers in the JV section - many JV threads have been there for some time and that section certainly needs cleaning up. But there are also similar offers in the marketplace that members have paid to post.
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    Thank you for the great feedback.

    To my mind, that makes the distinction more clear.

    And I can now see how my post would make it look like a service rather than a Joint Venture.

    In my post, I am casting a wide net in an effort to catch only a few specific fish. Because it is so much like my signature, I can see how easy it would be to conclude "service" rather than "JV".

    Especially if one does not realize that my sig is only a part of that "wide net" and I was going to change it once I had found those partnerships.

    Also, I don't see JV's as one time events. At least for me, I am looking for potential long-term partners.

    From the feedback, it sounds like my mistake was in being too "salesy" and casting a wide net, without being clear enough on exactly what I am trying to accomplish, or what exactly I am looking for.

    So, first things first, I am going to change my sig file. That is probably the thing that makes it seem more like a service than anything else.

    Second, I am going to write and submit a brand new post to the Joint Venture forum which is straight forward, and is very clear about what I am looking for.

    Thank you again for your feedback.

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