Cannot create a ticket, cannot post in the support thread!

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I need to open a ticket, but the page at:

has an error in the Department selector.

I tried with newest Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge: in all of them, the selector shows broken. When you click it, it always selects "General".
The guys who receive the ticket told me that they cannot process the ticket if I don't put the correct "Warrior Forum" option, but I cannot due to this bug.
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    What's your issue about?
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      Originally Posted by WF- Enzo View Post

      What's your issue about?


      1) I did not know that the login name would be the name displayed on the posts, so I created this quite ugly (but "login characters check friendly") nickname I am posting as.

      When I noticed the login name was used as forum name, I wanted to create a ticket and ask if you could change my login name to my real name.

      Now, when you want to create a ticket you must select a "department" (Warrior Forum in this case).

      Problem is, it's impossible to pick a deparment name in the selector, because the selector is not working correctly. Regardless of browser I use, it does not "select" but always disappears and leaves "General" as chosen option.

      Therefore it's impossible to create a ticket to tell Warrior Forum that there's a problem with their tickets (!).

      2) Sometimes the verification email does not arrive at destination and there's no "resend verification email" option. I have found out that if you change the email address then the system forces a new email verification, but this is a quite "hacker" way to achieve something simple. It's something that a newbie probably won't figure out.

      3) As for the nickname issue, I just decided that I will abandon this account and will create a new one with my real name.

      Best regards,
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