How to stop spam abuse from warrior forum

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How to stop spam abuse from warrior forum
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    Every post you've made since joining has been a complaint - suggest you go through the forum to understand how it works.

    You posted a thread then posted multiple times demand the post be deleted - then deleted it yourself. If you are receiving emails from this forum it is because of how your profile options are set. Click on 'user cp' above left....then click on 'edit options' and go down the list, unchecking any boxes that allow contact emails.

    It is up to new members to explore the options here and learn to use the forum in a way that benefits them. YOU are in charge of what notifications you receive so set up your forum acct to reflect what you want.
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      I meant I am receiving marketing newsletters from WarriroForum to my email, how do I completely unsubscribe?
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    On the Black Header on the Right Side is a White envelope. Click on the Envelope.

    Then you see a box with a list that says " Your Control Panel " In Black.

    Scroll Down to Settings and Options in the Red Bar.

    Below that it should say " Edit Options "

    Click on it. Then you should see.

    "Receive Email
    From time to time, the administrators may want to send you email notices.

    If you do not want to receive these notices, disable this option.
    Receive Email from Administrators "

    Unclick the Check Mark then scroll all the way down and use the button that says

    Save Changes in the Red Box.

    That will solve your problem.

    Note - here is the link to the Community Guidelines please read it when you get a chance.

    Thank You

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