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Hi everyone,

We are currently on the process of updating the rules for the WSO section. We have implemented two changes that are effective as of today. We are still going through and working on a whole new set of rules.

Here are the two changes:

1) WSO sellers no longer need to be part of the War Room - We have decided to remove the restriction on the WSO section where all sellers had to have access to War Room. We have done this in order to drive more activity in the WSO section and help you everyone launch their products. We have also increased the team we have approving WSOs to ensure the quality is maintained and kept at a high level. We have kept the $20 listing fee.

2) You can promote your affiliate programs in your WSO threads - I want to help you guys make more sales and support your launches to be as successful as possible. You are now allowed to place a link at the bottom of your WSO to get more affiliates to sign up and promote that particular WSO. Please note: It must be a link people can use to promote your WSO in that post.

Affiliate programs on their own still belong in the Affiliate Program Database.
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