New Social Bookmarking Community Service - BETA testers needed!

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[Edit - Sep 5, 2009]
It's now open to the public! Feel free to sign up and test it out


I'm developing a new Social Bookmarking Community Service and need some beta testers.

What are the features?
  • Rather than submitting your own bookmarks to the many services available (like Digg, BlinkList, Delicious, etc.), members submit each others' bookmarks
  • This makes it less likely that you'll be considered a "spammer" for constantly promoting only your own sites
  • This also gives your pages potential to be bookmarked many times with each service, rather than only once like you would do for yourself
  • The bookmark submission process happens behind the scenes and is fully automated. You only need to enter your account details once.
  • Members are encouraged to only submit quality pages; we don't want to promote garbage
  • The functionality is literally takes seconds to add your own bookmarks or to share other members' bookmarks.
Why should I help beta test?
  • It's fun!
  • Even in its current buggy state, it's still functional enough that you'll be getting free backlinks and traffic during the testing process
  • Depending on how productive of a tester you are, I'll be giving out membership bonuses (even pimped out lifetime accounts) once it goes live (there will be a free membership account available but it won't have as many features as other account types)
What exactly would I need to do?
  • Register for a few common social bookmarking services (like Diigo, Delicious, etc.)
  • Use "SocialShare" to bookmark your own pages and share other members' pages
  • Give me feedback on any bugs you find or any improvements you'd like to see. You'll essentially be an important part of the evolution of the site.
  • It's really not too complicated. You don't have to know anything about programming. If you can use email and the internet, you're good to go!
How do I sign up to beta test?
  • PM me, or
  • Post in this thread, or
  • Send an email to "kane(at)im-fun(dot)com"
Current beta testing spots available:
0 (more will be available as the testing progresses)
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