If your interested in earning an extra $100,000+ this year open this thread

by LMC
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Dear Warriors,

I am presenting you with an idea today. This idea will generate $100,000 minimum this year, however, it is going to take some words to explain, so if your truly interested in being apart of something big keep reading.

I am looking to build an online investment group, basically 10-20 individuals that are interested in pooling a share of money together and using that capital to buy strong website investments, present more value, create more traffic, and earn more income to the site, and then resell the website for large capital gains.

This is not site flipping anymore, we are discussing buying and selling of business's.

To start it would be easy to have either 10 individuals to invest $1,000 for 10% profit and buy out earnings


20 individuals of $500 for 5% of profit and buy out earnings.

Let's say we do have a capital of $10,000 we can use this capital to diversify our portfolio between a blog, a membership, adsense earnings websites, etc...

Let's suppose we buy a high traffic adsense website for $3,000 that earns $400/M automatically.

- maybe we can add a product?
- maybe we can create a membership?
- maybe independent ads would pay better?

Let's say we implement some of the above and jump the earnings to $2,000/M, we can then sell this website for almost $14,000.

Every body earns $1,400.

Obviously it is all good in theory, but let's start by gathering interest, we can setup an online webinar to have a group discussion to come up with better ideas, and role positions of the organization.

Bottom line is, a strong investment group can have huge ROI's, with $10,000 in six months we can have $50,000, with the $50,000 we can soon have $150,000... it would be exponential growth.

So, again... shoot your interest below, we can set a date and let's start discussing.
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    Hello .. I am interested to work with you but on a different concept.. although my idea is not big as yours but the best thing is my plan doesn't involve your work.. Please add me if u can work with me at medicinelogy@gmail.com or dr.faizan7 on skype..

    I am sorry if you feel that I have wasted your time..
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    I openly wondered on BHD the other day why I didn't see more "website investment" clubs a few weeks ago. Didn't get a single comment - so either there isn't much interest or it's an obvious reason.

    To do it right - you'll need to get everyone committed and form a LLC or ssome other form of Corp. Otherwise your opening yourself up to some legal issues.

    If you are going to be handling "everything" though you need to be upfront about being compensated for your time. If your "share" is only 5 percent or less -- and everyone else is getting the same amount why YOU work. Your gonna get irritated real fast.

    Operating budget should include your time - either an hourly rate or a higher percentage.

    It's a good idea -- let me know if you get more interest.
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    i maybe interested i can also offer technical advice and check scripts,backends etc....verify traffic ....

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    I think this is an idea thats worth looking into. I would be interested in getting involved if the idea develops.

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    If you can make $2,000/M with a site and growing.... why would you sell it???!


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      Originally Posted by Valeriu Popescu View Post


      If you can make $2,000/M with a site and growing.... why would you sell it???!

      To make $15K immediately, keep $8K for yourself and invest $7K to start a site that makes $5K/month to sell it again for $40K.

      Maybe you'llhave more than $100K in 6-8 months. Idea is sound, but the point is everyone has to be trustworthy. And one reason I do not see this workiing is that everyone has a "style" of doing things. I might be good at banners, you at articles. I might say lets invest $3K into banners this month... You might not agree because you'd like to spend those dollars on article writing.

      Idea sounds great, but the temperament and tuning needs to be "just right" between the product creators and business developers. And I think for that initial friendship is essential.

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        Have to look at the Roles & develop a style agreed upon as a team

        I would say 4-5 in a group each 20-25% stake each.

        Ideally a copy/brand (re-branding) guy(or gal), a tech & media guy, a design whiz, and a product / content (article guy, and perhaps a promotions guy great running leveraged campaigns like ppc, cpa or whatever.

        Then you have a shot at a cohesive team with a head(content / product),
        A heart (copy / brand personallity emotion) a body (traffic / campaigns) and a soul (design & social media strategies) and a chosen project coordinator . manager??

        Nice concept - love to hear the success stories. Advanced members to intermediate & driven may be best.

        This forum is an ideal place for incubating such virtual teaming.

        Sure it has already done just not seen by most : )

        Love the idea good luck..

        Super-Conscious Affiliate

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    Thanks everyone for their interest.

    Obviously if you know anyone that is interested send them to this thread.

    We would need a decent head count to start brainstorming a group. I agree with all the legality issues etc...

    Maybe a lawyer might want to jump on board.

    Will keep looking for interest...
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    This is interesting as we are going to start a Private Mastermind group and site for such and similar ventures/projects/businesses.

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  • I'm interested in doing something like this.

    If we can't get a good number of people, we could start with a smaller site.

    I've got around $1-$2k to invest. if anyones interested, lets talk!
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    Still letting it grow... this is a smaller investment group as I am currently working with angel investors for a larger investment groups. This group would need a strong set of numbers to really earn, so we will let it grow and maybe in November have an online meeting
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