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Thanks for checking out my post. I'm looking to JV with a professional who is reliable and has the creative mind or a product/service we can provide to other businesses.

I have access to a lot of business contacts throughout the USA. These are direct contacts, verifiable that I currently use for my current business. These are contacts at a local level with small businesses to contacts at a larger level (fortune 500 companies). Most of the contacts are related to IT work, telecom, office managers, assistants to executives, owners, etc.

If anyone has a product/service that can peak the interest of these people then we can work something out where I'll qualify them for the product/service and we will figure out a way to get the sales process going. This is a very good opportunity, with contacts that most people don't have access to.

Please message me with some details and let's talk.
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    This is definitely of interest to me...OP check your pm!
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    I am definitely interested. I've just sent you a PM
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    Definitely interested. Just dropped you a PM on this.
    Want To Create Engaging And Affordable Customised Explainer Videos?

    Then Click Here To Check Us Out!
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    I am interested. I do a lot of video work... Also have some larges lists you could mail to.
    Direct email: apibestinclass@gmail.com

    Roger Rohrs (skype: Scottsdale.video)


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    Sent you PM.
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    Hi. I am looking for business owners or marketing managers who would like to attend some free marketing classes: http://marketingeducation.org. Let's chat!
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    Hi, Ive just dropped you a quick PM
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    I'm interested and just sent you a PM. Please check it out.
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    I just sent you a PM. I might be interested.
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    I just sent you a PM. I may be interested.
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    Sending you a PM, this may be golden opportunity for both
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    Hey buddy, I can setup bulk emails system with Interspire, Powermta at really cheap & reseller price

    Please let me know if you're interested
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    Please what will you say is an Estimated Number we are looking at?

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    I have a team of 10 developers, expertise in web development, web applications, software solutions and consulting solutions.

    I can propose best solutions and build them for the customers. Have also worked with customers in US so handling them is not a issue.

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      hi i cannot PM but i can give you my email address, donar@westnet.com.au , if you can spare a minute please send me a message i have a program , ( vb/net 6000/7000 lines ) that i need some help with , i would prefer not to discuss things in private , thanks don
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  • They say necessity is the mother of invention, so when the founder of Fresh-N-Healthy couldn’t find anything “Fresh & Healthy” in a convenient fashion what did he do? Invent the health food market! Well not quite. Founder of Fresh-n-Healthy Meals simply took what he had learned working through college in the hospitality industry and made it convenient to get fresh healthy food delivered right to the customer’s door. He didn’t invent the wheel, he just made the wheel tastier and convenient!
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    Hi, I think my service fits perfectly with your connections. I will PM you now.
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    Interesting. Don't know if you're still out there.
    With a couple other 'old timers' I am building a white label workshop on sound business strategy and financial benchmarking for the 8,000 local chambers of commerce and other local outlets.

    These workshops can be used by local business and financial advisers as a client acquisition/client retention gambit. It's going to be a 6-8-month build-out of the workshop that includes field testing. I'm in no hurry. The ultimate purpose is to bring the best strategic thinking of the Top 50 of the world's best business schools--that Fortune 500 firms pay a lot of money for--down to the local level of US main street businesses.
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    Hi, just PM'd you. I help marketers(and offliners) get unsecured funding for their business. It's money they need and its pretty damn lucrative, so let me know if you're interested and we'll set up a time to talk.
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    I own social media marketing service, something that will definitely peak your contact's interest.

    please do pm me.
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    Hello, I have 2 digital services:
    serving for over 2 years over 4,000 have gone through the program. monthly, yearly and lifetime memberships.

    Reach out to me on Skype or here George Kosmides
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