7 figure launcher looking for the next big product

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I've launched multiple WSOTD and have a $1 million per annum business. (proof is available - for serious candidates only!)

I'm looking for a product which can be sold between within the $497 - $997 price range.

Software would be good, or good courses (50 videos and above, with solid proof and results)

Areas sought ( not a comprehensive list)

FB ads
Youtube ads
Social Media eg Twitter and Pinterest
Local leads
Local business and marketing
Affiliate marketing
Lead generation

Many thanks !

In the know
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  • I have a android gift card rewards application that falls in the line of Affiliate Marketing. You can view the Offer Here. Let me know if your interested.

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    Have a look here.
    This is the Affiliate Page.
    Internet Marketing Anatomy | Affiliate Center

    If it's something you can work with..
    let me know.. happy to discuss.

    " I didn't know it was this Easy to Make Money Creating Info-Products ! "
    =>> Internet Marketing Anatomy <<=

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    I sent a PM. Just realised you said it needs to be a video course, but I can modify my product to have a set of videos as well. Look forward to hearing from you.
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    We are going to launch a software product, which is aimed at 95% time economy while creating advertisements for Adwords campaigns. The product is already created, we need promotion and affiliates
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    We have a software which hits a quite a few of those listed on your post.

    You can check it out on Pro Software UK |Online Appointment Booking System Schedule Maker. There's a free trial to let you have a play about with the system. Ill PM you my contact details if you wish to discuss further


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    i might be a rookie for you at this point but i know have a product that can definitely be offered at very close dollar terms. But im new to the industry and just starting out looking for a coach and a mentor. my product is the next big thing i just need help to develope and market i will split my proceeds
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    Hi In the know,

    I was totally against businesses on the Internet that promised everybody that they would make money - none of them ever did or ever will do - I know because I tried quite a few.

    So I developed an affiliate program where every affiliate will make money and get paid through programmatically modifying an existing Internet business so that everyone will make money.

    The initial investment is $497.00 - great possibility of a 100% return on ongoing investment in under a year.

    Recently launched - I am not experienced in Internet marketing and therefore am looking to JV with someone like you, especially if you live in US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand and possibly UK. Looking for these Teir 1 participants.

    I have spent the last 2 years paying over $25,000.00 to people who said they would help me develop marketing programs (but none did), so I am now willing to pay on results. Therefore a JV is the approach. Willing to discuss.

    Skype: bobbeeson3
    Eml: bobbeeson@gmail.com
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    I sent you a PM. I already have two 7 figure SEO products and we are launching another one that I think you would find very profitable.
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    wow some amazing figures..

    Learn how I built a 14k email list and monetized it.

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    I have a software that I am in the middle of creating, let me know if you are interested
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