▓ I'll Promote Your Product To My List of Buying Customers, Facebook Friends & Twitter Followers! ▒░

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I'll Promote Your Product To My List of Buying Customers, Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers

Hi Warriors,

Im Ross, a FULL-TIME Internet Marketer, Product Creator of several IM products and a Senior Warrior Member here, registered since 2005.

Anyways, I'm here to build a good relationship to potential JV partners and friends.

Here's some info about my list. Not all of my customers are subscribed to my master list of buyers.

I have more than 2000 buyers on my list and most of them bought most of my products but I only convert 563 recent buyers in this list.
So it's more likely 1400 didn't receive my invitation to be a member of my customers only list.

Here's the deal:

I will promote your free products to my list of buyers that I convert.

You will send my free offer to your list (Either subscriber or buying customers..no matter)

I will post on my Facebook wall about your offers so my Facebook friends of 3,802 and still growing so they will see your free offers

You will post on your facebook wall about my offer to your Facebook friends

I will post a tweet of your offer to my Twitter followers of 2,665

You will post a tweet about my offer to your followers (no matter how small or big your followers list)

If you have a BIG list then provide me two offers so I can send your offer two times.

I only accept Make Money, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense Lovers, List building, SEO, Home-Based Business or any niche about IM or making money.

I'm now focus on list building, so if I am happy with the results of our Ad swap, you can be my lifetime friend or JV partner

For a start go to Ross Dalangin and register then PM me your offer or use my helpdesk and select Joint Venture.

Add me as your FRIEND in Facebook so you can share the link I posted and you will see that I posted your offer. (Log In | Facebook)

Follow me at twitter so you will see that I tweeted your free offers. (Ross Dalangin (RossDalangin) on Twitter)

BTW, I will archive your offers so even if our TANDEM is over, your offer is still there and all of my hardwork in the future will affect your list.

Thanks and Best Regards To YOU my new friend and potential JV partner.

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