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by JaniG
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**Im only accepting 4 people on this So Please read Carefully**

Hey guys

im not sure if you have heard of me, but here are my sites in case you havent

$11k in 4 Hours - How I Totally Screwed Up & Still Made $11,390 in 4 Hours!

Twitter Traffic Exposed - Get Traffic From Twitter Make Money on Twitter


The last 2 launches brought in no less than $50k in the first week.

i have a WSO on rite now for the $11k in 4 Hours - How I Totally Screwed Up & Still Made $11,390 in 4 Hours! report which i am planning on turning into a Bigger course.

I am going to be doing a big launch in Mid to late October for this.

I am looking for people who have never done a product launch, who would like to work with me behind the scenes on this launch.

Even if you have done a launch or you have an info product and want to learn how to do a launch correctly, then this is for you.

*How This Will Benefit You*

- You will get to see behind the scenes of how a successful product launch is constructed.

- We will have regular mastermind meetings to plan this launch.

- You will be able to do your own product launch after you learn how i do it.

- You have the possibility of getting a $% of the launch (depending on what you contribute to it) but i am willing to pay you upto 10% on the profit we make.

10% of 150k is $15,000

- We will continue to mastermind after and work on your next launch together.

if this sounds like something you would be interested in then please PM me and we can talk further there.

**Remember i am only accepting 4 people to work with me on this launch so make sure you PM me asap for details and to see if you qualify***


Jani G

Skype: y2jani
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