I've made 7-figures+ with my recurring rev biz.. I need PRO email guy to pwn my 3m+ list

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I was one of the first guys to sell social media followers on the internet. Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.

My subscription-based business has made me well over 7-figures over the last 3 years from recurring revenue with very limited work. I've assembled over 100k targetted emails, and I have the ability to scrape hundreds of thousands or millions more TARGETED emails with a custom scraper I've made. Open to JV with an email pro with a proven track record.

More about me:
I was the first guy to sell automatic Instagram likes services. These services were a hit because people would buy fake Instagram followers, only to realize that when they post a picture, the number of likes they get per pic won't add up. People would then need to buy Instagram likes on their pictures to maintain their image. My service was a hit because it would send likes automatically when you post, so you wouldn't need to buy likes each time manually. Once you buy my service, you can't stop paying because you'll need to maintain your image for as long as you're on Instagram. My LTV is crazy! Avg. subscription is ~$25/mo.

I've recently launched an auto comments site that will automatically send comments to your Instagram posts. People that have fake followers and fake likes realize that they need comments as well to make the engagement look real. I haven't started marketing this "auto comments" yet.

Where I'm getting the targetted emails:
I've built a custom tool that can scan an IG profile's stats and then analyzes them to create an engagement score. I can see that you most likely have fake followers if your average likes per pic or average comments per pic don't match up to the number of followers you have.

I've scraped millions of accounts that have emails in their bio, and then by running them through the stat analysis, I can see the accounts which don't have real followers. They've already purchased followers, so they're very likely to purchase other IG services to boost their social media presence.

In effect, I have scraped a massive list of IG users that don't have enough likes and/or comments to match their large following. I then scraped the emails of all of these accounts to build a massive list of people who are absolutely in need of fake likes and/or comments. I will continue to run the scraper to get a ton more emails for us.

Why I need you:
This massive email list can be exploited to get tens of thousands of new customers for this subscription based business. I'm looking to JV with an email pro that can market to this massive, targeted, virgin list of people in need of my services.

I've cleared over 7-figures from Instagram services, but if we hit this list the right way, we can blow that out of the water and have recurring income for years to come.

Impress me with what you've done. I want to know that we'll get into those inboxes and that we can put together a sexy drip campaign that will convert the shit out of these people.

I'll provide the product and the emails, you just gotta convert.
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    This is something I might be able to help you with. Are you still looking for an email marketing pro ?

    Fell free to PM me

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      Originally Posted by Billy Kofi View Post

      This is something I might be able to help you with. Are you still looking for an email marketing pro ?

      Fell free to PM me

      Yes, I'm still looking for a qualified partner. PM Sent.
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    Hello, I can can help delivering emails.
    Email Deliverability Specialist
    Mail Servers, Email Strategies, Deliverability Consulting?
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    This is something I might be able to help you with. Are you still searching for an email marketing pro ?

    Fell free to PM me

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    Still looking for email partner. I have about 3 million targetted emails that need inboxing!
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      Hi Tmnsky

      I'm surprised you didn't have loads of people beating a path to your door, its a good opportunity you have there, sorry to hear that you're still looking.

      You and I have already communicated already but if there is any chance of re-connecting i'd like to explore this opportunity again

      Anyway, thanks and good luck

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        I've been out of the country
        Following up with everyone now
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    • Originally Posted by tmnsky View Post

      Still looking for email partner. I have about 3 million targetted emails that need inboxing!
      I'd love to chat with you about doing this, I have some big ideas for how we could set it up.

      Skype: alex_antoniazzi8
      Email: alexantoniazzi01@gmail.com
      Alex Antoniazzi | Digital Marketing Specialist

      Will try to get in touch with you first, but feel free to contact me.
      I'll Get You On The First Page Of Google...For FREE!https://alexantoniazzi.com
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    Bumpity boo
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    M me and let's make some money together. It'll be 75% for you. My students literally quit they're jobs in 30 days.

    Also, I have a new product about some serious six figure earnings thru print media in the pipe line,but it'll be high ticket. I mean something like $1997.

    All things i talk about are tried and tested and still to this day my bread and butter.

    Let's talk and see if we can join arms.
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