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Hey Guys,

Short and simple JV here.

I'm looking to partner with someone who has a good history of success with SEO/IM.

Previously I've started and sold some business' and dont believe I ever got the best of of them because I didnt market correct. Why do I think that? I invented Low End (128mb and 64mb) VPS products, was 100% first to market, changed and industry and ended up not being the market leader and made a small chunk of change rather than a large one!

Currently I've got a few ideas implemented (I'm a technical person and business setup is easy for me and cheap due to having existing infrastructure) and also a team of Virtual Assistants starting to be trained who will be doing tasks that take up a lot of time etc.

I've got money for advertising and some of my own ideas, but think the right Warrior can JV with me and my next product launch will be massive!

Please message me via PM if you are interested and we'll take it to skype or email.
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