Forthcoming JV for newbies

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I'm running a new JV in the lead up to Christmas and New Year.

You can register interest at

The JV is aimed at coaching new talent and introducing it to a first JV event.

The event itself will be open to newbies and experienced marketers.

The timescale is:

October 1 2009 Doors open to JV event training program ... step-by-step guide to preparing a product for the forthcoming JV

December 15 2009 Deadline for newbie contributors to have their products ready ... doors open for experienced marketers to submit

December 31 Doors close for submissions

January 1 2010 JV event begins

January 10 2010 JV Event ends

JV newbies and experienced marketers intending to submit can register for updates now at:
#forthcoming #newbies

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