Most People Lead Lives of Quite Desperation, Do Not Be One of Them

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Any partnership where two or more people bring various resources together to complete something none of them could - or perhaps want to - do on their own. They share in the effort/investment and in the profits.

The above quote is taken right off of Pauls Sticky, thanks for the heads up and clear explanation of what a Joint Venture is.

Its really simple, I want to expand, all over the world, initially here, Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK, 4 top English speaking countries.

My product speaks for itself, take a look here, Kommunicon – We write content – You Brand It

Our Joint Venture business model is here, Distributor Business Opportunities – Kommunicon

Again its simple, if I could organize, support and train thousands of Distributors, in protected Distributorships, all over the world, I would, and then I could keep all of the profits, unfortunately, I am unable to do that, hence the want and need for Joint Venture Partners.

Using Pauls definition of a Joint Venture above, working with Joint Venture Partners, we together, will be able to open up new territories, where no Distributors are currently operating, spend our time, effort and resources, together, to turn virgin territory, into residual monthly profit centers.

To save everyone a great deal of time, we are looking for people who agree with our business model of creating protected territories, with exclusive Distributorships, clearly not building through Affiliates for reasons clearly stated on our web site.

We are real people, like to talk on the phone when we can. 1-705-250-1161, EST Canada

Hope to hear from interested parties, have a great day.

Bryan Beckstead
CEO & Founder
Most people lead lives of quiet desperation
Don't be one of them
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