Looking for a "Big Picture" Partner for my Social Bookmarking Service

by khtm
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EDIT (Oct 28): I've had an amazing response from this request and have found a partner who seems like a perfect fit.

Thanks WarriorForum community, you never disappoint!

In September I launched a new Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking Community that I had been working on since May.

is a totally unique website. I haven't seen anything yet that offers the same type of service.

Here's the WSO -

The WSO went well but with the increase in members a bottleneck of my current hosting configuration became apparent.

So I stopped accepting new members and worked on moving the site to a new host / better server.

Since then, with the help of the increased load on the server and the constant bookmarking activity of the members, I've noticed a few other bugs and enhancements that are needed before I actively promote the site again. Unfortunately some of these are a bit beyond my technical expertise so I'll likely need to pay someone to help me.

Basically I've come to the realization that I'm in over my head with trying to do everything by myself. I need someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to help make the difficult decisions, someone to help with marketing / promoting, and someone who sees the enormous potential in this project.

In other words...I need a partner!

If you're interested in this at all, please send me an IM or email kane(at)socialadr.com.
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    Have you considered dispensing with the "free" membership altogether?
    To me, the benefits of your service are completely apparent and worth paying for. That's why I signed up for the highest level membership package.

    It seems that anyone who is manually bookmarking on a regular basis could see the value in this. There semi-automatic services and software programs out there (which I have tried in the past) -But you have a Fully Automatic System here... This is truly unique!

    I'm wondering if the headaches you are having now might be caused by too many free accounts. Have you had a lot of spam? People creating multiple free accounts and overloading the system?


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    @ Jimmy,

    The problems I have aren't related to the free memberships, as the majority of free members decide very quickly whether they like the system or not, and either upgrade or disappear

    So no, the free accounts aren't overloading the system or causing too much spam.

    I appreciate your kind words
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    Khtm, I signed up to socialadr.com, great concept! Congrats on the launch and good luck with this business.
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    http://EntrepreneurModules.com/dap/a/?a=3 [simple ways to become an entrepreneur]
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