Want to trade services with a good copywriter (we do good websites)

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Need some stuff done, and perhaps you need some websites, programing, scripts, design (print or web), WP, SEO. I have a small team (designer, two programmers, seo pro and project manager) who can take care of your projects. In exchange I need some sales copy both online and off.
Can do few JV deals
PM for portfolio and stuff.
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    How many $2,000 to $5000 sites have you done?

    You explain you know design, not direct response sales. This matters a lot when you're offering to design either a website or brochure. Every copywriter worth their salt has at least one piece killed by perfectly well executed "pretty" design.

    An embarassing many designers have never designed a squeeze, advertorial, or build A/B split run scripting. Many have no notion of design proven to boost response through testing. If the design team likes it, the natural assumption is it's good for sales.

    Not true.

    So, we're not talking just copy. We're talking about educating you on a field of design you're (almost assuredly) either uncomfortable with or completely unaware of. Copy + Direct Response Design training = You put up more.

    But wait, that's not the end. Based on probability and experience, you haven't developed a marketing plan (sorry, people who have or want a website isn't a business proposition.) You'll need to develop a marketing direction and unique selling proposition, a campaign, cross sells, and an upsell path.

    Are you prepared to change your basic mindset, your service, your basic offer? Because chances are you'll have to in order to give even a mediocre copywriter a little something to write about.

    So it's (Copy + Marketing + Direct Response savvy design education) x A lot more time and effort than you figured.
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    John, thanks for bumping my post.
    Fact that I own a web-studio does not make me a designer. Fact that I ask for help of a marketing writer did not make me inexperienced in marketing. Fact that I need help of a copy writer does not make me looking for a web-copy. So far you got it all wrong including assumption of the price and it sounded rather like a burst of emotions... I'm sure there are a lot of BS designers (as there are a lot of BS writers) out there and Thailand in my location probably through you off.
    On other hand emotions buy and emotions sell, so if you put as much passion in your writing you might be the writer I'm looking for.
    Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow
    NEEDED: virtual assistant (VA)
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    Have couple offers, but can use more.
    Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow
    NEEDED: virtual assistant (VA)
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    I wasn't able to reply to your PM, I am still too low on the posts count. Can you please contact me again. Contact info can be found in my profile.

    Sorry about the trouble.

    USING POSTCARDS?. I Make them and mail them
    Warrior Forum Members get the lowest priced print/mailing/postage package found anywhere (literally)

    Ask and ye shall receive :) Contact: via my website in profile

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