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Hi, I am a complete newbie to internet marketing. I bought a website and was hoping that as advertised the site would "look after itself" as it was advertised as a ready made site. I was also told I would be given instructions on how to maintain it but the guy who sold it to me seems rather too busy to help. I need somebody with good internet marketing knowledge to come onboard in a joint venture to help me fulfil the sites potential. - Secret Discount Coupon Codes For Extream Promotional Savings is the advertising blurb. Ignore the contact details as the site is now mine. If you go into the admin panel demo the stat figures for traffic are correct. about 200,000 hits in the last 30 days. Aaa Discount Code - Coupons, Codes, Savings, and Discounts is one of the sites to show the layout.


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    I'm sure somebody can help me make a success of this site. The traffic it is getting is increasing month on month. 200,000 hits last month 16,000+ in one day. I need an expert to help convert the traffic to $. There would be a very generous income split for the right person.
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    Hey, I'm interested.

    I'm a newbie to the PPA world but have been doing monetization, search and overall site development and internet marketing for ... forever.

    I"m great once I get the traffic. My issue is getting the traffic right now.

    PM me I'd love to chat.

    I have about 1000 sites available and am slowly building them out so will probably want to buy traffic at some point...
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    Hits can mean anything. In this case, they don't mean anything close to "visitors."

    It looks like it gets less than 50 daily visitors on average.

    Still might be useful for something. That amount of traffic isn't useless.

    If it has an automated system to spam blogs, you'll want to turn that off (it has tried to hit my blogs a few times with comment spam).
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      Hi Kristi, Thanks for the input. The main site may get 50 visitors but that is just the hub for the 350 domains. Between them that is what attracts all the visitors. - Thanks Strawy75
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