JV in the Health Niche geared towards newbies or anyone with minimal traffic...

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The idea is simple, it is basically just a link swap and a write up on your website that recommends the others website.

I say a newbie JV because currently my traffic stats are still low so getting a link swap with a bigger site would be much more difficult. If a few newbies have sites or lists in the health niche we can all do link swaps and recommendations. That way we are somewhat sharing traffic and the more we each build up on traffic the more additional traffic each person gets. If done correctly this can grow exponentially (it wont start out huge but over time..) and produce quality niche related traffic for everyone involved.

If anyone is interested please send me an email at gclunis0304@gmail.com so that we can talk about the details. I am looking for people that are in the health niche but are not in the exact same sub niche as me. That way we do not have to compete with each other for sales it would just be a friendly JV for everyone involved.

This is an opportunity to gain extra backlinks as well as recommendations and it has the opportunity to get you some really quality traffic over time. Jump at this opportunity today! Send me an email at gclunis0304@gmail.com
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