AFFILIATES & JV Partners Needed -- 100% Proven Live Case Study

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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for new Affiliates/JV Partners to promote my 'New' product.

Last year I ran a 'Live Case Study' in front of 130+ members and showed them how to create a winning Google PPC campaign even from a losing one.

So far I've only let one affiliate promote it to his list, and the conversion rate was awesome!

See here:
Affiliate Area

This report shows newbie and veteran affiliates alike what can be done to make money with Google AdWords.

Most importantly it shows how to get (and keep) your bid prices low.

I averaged 33c per click at position 2 in a very tough market.

The 'Black Belt' Live Case Study shows you all this.

109 pages and 22 videos!

"So what do YOU get from promoting?"

50% cut on ALL my products. I have 3 products in total.

I recommend promoting the Live Case Study ($97).
The Auto Responder series will do the rest for the Cash Bootstrap Method ($37) & Cash Presell Method ($37 or $47 bundle deal offer).

The site converts very well, and the products have an extremely low refund rate.

So what you're waiting for? Click below...

Affiliate Area

Mark Acutt

PS: Please sign up for the affiliate notifications at the bottom of the affiliate page.

PPS: Notice there's 2 sites:
Mark Acutt's - Black Belt Internet Marketing ? See it. Do it. Make Money. (sales pages/products)
Black Belt DoJo Area ? See it. Do it. Make Money. (members area/product download)
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