WOULD YOU Like To Build A List Of Ten Of Thousands Potential Customers?

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Hi My Name is Byron Wells

Are you a potential graphics designer? Or Are You An Experienced Graphics Designer? Or Are You Someone who has dabbled in it a few times? If you have answered yes to any of the above how would you like the chance to have tens of thousand of new customers?

Does that sound impossible to you? Well if you a do a favor for me then I will do a favor for you. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours! What the heck am I talking about you might be wondering? If you create some graphics for me, such as header, footer, several banners, then I will allow you to get 10 of thousand new customers. How will I do it?

Well the brilliant news is that I am launching a new giveaway event within the next few weeks which will see tens and tens of thousand of people join. Why you may ask? Well everyone loves free stuff... With my giveaway event they will be able to download products such as videos, software, ebooks, etc with Master or Private Label Right's product all for free...

Now you might actually be wondering how that will benefit your own graphics business.

1) If you have 3 types of product or services... These can be anything such as a small graphics package that you are willing to give away for free. You could offer them to build your own subscriber based list. Which you can promote to as often as you want whatever you want.

2) Not only will be able to offer something for free to build your own mailing lists, you can also offer something in return for money. These will be done as through setting up one time offers where you will keep 100 percent of the sale. Now the beauty of that is that if you set a product or service for lets say 17.99 and 50 people buy you would make nearly $900 that is only a rough idea. If you product or service you could make way much more than that.

3) Not only am I going to allow you to set up a one time offer I will also allow you to set up a text ad which will be displayed on every page of the giveaway event apart from the main page... Again giving you more chance to make some revenue.

You might be thinking that this offer sounds too good to be true... What's the catch? The only catches are the graphics designed must be good quality, and you must also be committed to the project

Btw the only thing that I ask for is for you guys to show me some examples first please
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