Affiliates Wanted For "Men Only" Product - 75% Commissions!

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Hey warriors.

Just finished putting together a set of 4 reports on seduction and lovemaking techniques aimed at the all male market.

I have resale rights available for $17 via the site here:

Profit From This Seduction & Sex Package - LIMITED Offer!

It's run on the $7 script, so if anyone fancies 75% commission on selling these reports, just add your paypal email addy to the web url like so:

You get paid instantly, so there is no waiting around. Every 4 poeple that buy through your link, you get 3 sales and we get 1.

I've sold quite a few PUO copies on my dating tips site, so it's doing good, but looking to get some sales for the resale rights version.

Any questions, feel free to ask.
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