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I am looking for contributors for an upcoming book centered around becoming a freelance writer. The book will also include information about other money making areas including Internet marketing and domains, so a wide range of subject matter will fit. You will write a small chapter of between 500 and 2,000 words plus a 100 word bio/etc where you can push the reader to your web site or a bonus or whatever for joining your list.

There is no charge to be included in the book but you have to bring something to the table. You must have either a list or site/s with decent traffic where you agree to announce the book upon its release to your list and/or on your sites. You also can buy copies of the book for less than $5 each (Retail is $14.99) if you want to sell them to your list/visitors or use them for other purposes, but you do not have to buy any copies. The book will be available on Amazon and elsewhere. The book will have 10 contributor chapters in addition to the main content that I provide, and I have 5 contributors already lined up.

If you are interested, please PM me here or email me at wjtyoung at with a rough idea of your list/traffic and I will send complete information on the project.

Also, if you have a decent list/market but aren't confident in your writing abilities, I can ghost write your chapter.
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    You totally forgot one thing...

    what's in it for me?

    Anyone can write a piece, anyone can send some traffic your way... but what's in it for (me) as being a contributor? Just the bragging rights of having a published book?

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      Hello Dave. Thanks for the question, my apologies for not including that in the original post.

      Yes some people like the idea of being in a book.

      A segment of the population views people who have been in a book as more knowledgeable about a subject. So it can help you gain a level of "expert" status. It can also be used when trying to land a client for your services, whether that be consulting or something else.

      You also benefit from the exposure to the lists/sites of the other nine contributors and the marketing that I am and will be doing for the book.

      Being in a book can make it easier to justify higher fees. For example, as soon as my first book came out my fees for freelance work quadrupled and my work load increased.

      If you would like to know more, please contact me.
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