3 new 100% commission opportunities with instant payout, possible JV opp as well

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4 new sites, at $7-$15 payout ea, need affiliates to sell

1. 26 Tips to Getting up to 50% Better Gas Mileage today! - 26 tips to getting up to 50% better gas mileage. 46 pages, $10, 100%commission

2. Energy Independence in the New Millenium - An Introduction to Alternate Energy - Energy Independence in the New Millenium / An Intro to Alternate Energy Systems, 100+ pages, $10, 100% commission

3. Preparing for the Coming Recession. - Preparing for the upcoming recession, 20 pages, $7, 100% commission

And a bonus!

4. 101+ Easy, No-Nonsense, Surefire ways to Generate Web Traffic (and lots of it) - 101+ No-Nonsense ways to generate web traffic, 61 pages, $29, 50% commission

All four follow the $7 script format for affiliates. 'http://www.whicheversiteabove.com?e=yourpaypaladdress'

No need to contact me, just start making money... Of course, if you have a JV offer for me, pm me asap...

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