Need Warriors That Have More Than +250 Sales Of Their WSO Product!!

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Fellow Warriors,

Here is what I'm looking to do!

I have resurrected one of my blogs and I'm doing podcast interviews with Warriors who have sold over +250 Sales of their WSO Product.

I would like to interview YOU if you meet the following criteria:

1. Over +250 sales of their WSO Product
2. Have great feedback on your WSO thread
3. Are willing to allow me to promote your WSO through the podcast interview
4. Have a WSO product that revolves around traffic generation, lead generation, social media, SEO, link building, email marketing, video marketing, etc.
5. May Consider WSOs That Have Not Been Released. However Will Need To Have A Review Copy.
6. People consider you cool to hang out with! ( Not a requirement )

If you have this criteria and are interested, please PM so we can chat over Skype and we can set the interview up.

The way it works is I ask you a series of questions related to the topic of your WSO ( i.e traffic generation, list building ,etc ). Then go into how your product helps the user accomplish what it is they are looking to do or give them the result they are looking for. The interview is real lite. About 15 to 20 mins. We inform, entertain and educate my blog readers about various methods for driving traffic. Occasionally joke around a bit and poke fun at Google. But importantly have good content for my readers to absorb and IMPLEMENT!

In return, I drive a NAPALM-LOAD of traffic to the post which will contain my affiliate link to YOUR WSO.

Its that simple and we both benefit. You help me provide the interview and I drive traffic to the blog post which will give you sales, leads, and exposure. WIN WIN!

PM Me if you are interested!
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