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New spot just opened up for a royalties-only sales letter job, last guy was pretty happy, willing to work with another forward thinking entrepreneur on a similar project as I detailed last time:

If YOU are a genuine "Implementer" . . . that is . . . you actually DO marketing instead of just talking about it, and you want a sales letter written without spending upwards of $5,000 dollars up front, this will be a pretty interesting post for you.

This post is not a sales letter, so I'll be brief, however it is important you read and understand every single word before responding:

I'm prepared to write your sales letter now, in return for royalties only, no up front fee. Why am I doing this?

For a start, I'm looking to gather more testimonials. I recently sat for 2 days in various planes to spend a week with Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook in Vancouver, with him personally mentoring me to the top of the copywriting world. (If you ever get the chance to do this with Trevor or any other top copywriter, do it - the only better copywriting education I can think of would be to be born as Bond or Kevin Halbert)

Part of his advice was to get more testimonials. Apparently I can write, but I don't have enough PROOF yet. You can find some of the ones I already have at Copywriting Services | Cassingena Copy and I want YOU to be my next $10,000-a-month-from-one-product client. (Note: You only need write a testimonial if I've earned one - I would never accept a client who I knew had fake testimonials, and I don't want to become that guy either. If I don't do my job, I appreciate that feedback as well, but I'll pull out all the stops to get YOU the best results possible - then you'll be cashed up and keen to write me a great testimonial!)

Also, I believe there are a lot of folks out there who have a great product, are getting results they want to share, and they've tried a few sub-$1,000 copywriters and been underwhelmed by the results, but can't stretch to the next bracket where results can happen.

So, if you qualify, I'll write a sales letter or video sales letter I'd normally charge $5,000 and up for, in exchange for royalties only. We'll decide together how much these royalties will be, but there are of course a couple of criteria you'll have to meet:

1. You must be a proven IMPLEMENTER. I am not interested in working with someone who is all talk and no action, not on a project like this. Show me traffic stats, list numbers, sales, whatever, prove to me you'll actually USE what I write. Some investment in mailings, PPC, etc, will usually be required unless you're an SEO guru. And, you MUST use it exactly the way I tell you to. Copywriting Strategy is so important now, even the best sales letter will fail without the right people reading it.

Note: This also means you must have money to invest in advertising! Whether it's adwords, solo ads, JVs, I don't care, do not come to me later asking for ideas on getting traffic. That's not what I do. You will be required to give me an overview of your marketing plan.

2. You must have at least a very good product, preferably a great product, with excellent proven results people will pay for. No PLR, no average products, no "what might work" products, your niche doesn't really matter, but I'll go against many gurus and say product DOES matter.

And you must have TESTIMONIALS for your product. If you can't send me a bunch of testimonials to include in the letter, how do I prove what you say is true? Get reviews, put it in the war room, let your facebook friends download it, I don't care, I want to know what other people think of it, and so do your prospects. This is of course marketing 101 but you'd be surprised how many people want me to weave some kind of magic spell in the sales letter, to disguise the fact they have no testimonials.

3. I did think of another criteria after all - you must be cool to work with. Don't contact me if you'll fight against my advice, if you'll pick and choose which parts to do and which to ignore, if you'll get defensive in response to my near inevitable criticism, if you decide you don't like my style halfway through the project, if you'll get upset because here in Australia it's 3am and I'm not online during your afternoon, if you're lazy and you won't pull your weight, this isn't going to work. This doesn't mean you have to respond to my emails within 15 minutes, because often I can't respond for up to a day myself. But do respond, and do as I ask, and it'll work.

Furthermore, I will only deal with YOU...I do not work with committees, boards, or any other groups except on rare occasion, and for fee only. In a nutshell, if you can't make decisions yourself, if you have to run anything by another person for approval, unless you can meet me face to face and satisfy me it'll work, please don't inquire about this.

I reserve all rights of refusal for any proposal I receive. I don't care if you think it's an awesome product, if I don't want to work with you, if I turn you down, man up and come back with something better, don't take it personally.

The project will be just like any other - there will be an agreement, an initial consultation, a questionnaire, and I'll take from a week, to possibly 3 - 4 weeks to finish, depending on the product. (It's usually around 2 weeks or less)

Then, you'll be required to stick to a marketing plan I'll draw up. It'll be customized for you and your business, but it'll be there in black and white for us to go by. I know you are keen to do the right thing and you have no intention of doing otherwise, but I always get things down in black and white, even amongst friends.

That's it. If you have any questions PM me and we'll talk.


P.S. I have room for a couple of projects at the moment, if I can't fit you in I'll let you know when we can get started. But PM me before I pull this offer because I'm busy launching another campaign which will provide me with a lot of paying copywriting prospects, no fake urgency, just the facts.

P.P.S. Simple deal - I write a sales letter, you use it, get sales, make money, provide testimonials, pay me a royalty, everyone's happy.

P.P.P.S. Remember - I reserve the right to say no to YOUR project, even if you think it's the next Mass Control, I decide who I work with on a case by case basis. But if you're not a jerk and if you have a good product, there shouldn't be a problem.
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