Making 1000 Times As Much Off Your WSO's Or Product Launches!

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While I have absolutely nothing against WSO's, since I've
easily earned 7-figures from them over the past decade,
I'm looking to take a few really good products, already
proven as WSO's, and introduce them to bigger markets.

Products that haven't been released as WSO's may be suitable,
but successful WSO's do have a track-record that's a good
starting point for evaluating the product's true potential.

I'm looking for products that can easily be positioned
at $47 - $1997, that can, with just a little tweaking,
be introduced to new and bigger markets.

Think... a piece of software that sold well as a WSO,
but that speakers & authors, or mainstream software
developers, or entertainers, or small business owners,
would use in an entirely different way... and pay a lot
more for.

I submit to you that many WSO's are unsuitable for this
"breathing new life into products that you have largely
ignored," but many others are ideal for this.

If you have a QUALITY product that did great as a WSO, that
you'd like to now generate a whole new revenue stream from,
let's talk.

Just send me a private message here on the forum, with a
description of your product, to include a link to the
WSO or sales page, and I'll see if I think that my network
can be leveraged to REALLY get your product noticed.

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