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I purchased the domain Right now what is up there is going to be removed.

My Concept:

A site for people to write and publish their own autobiography online. While you have sites like Twitter (tells you what someone is up to right now in a few characters) or Facebook (which does provide a real life update, but not the whole story of someone's life), I picture as letting someone put their whole story online.

This is useful if you want to share your entire life with people, if you want to leave something behind for people to remember you by, if you want to connect with people who have had similar life experiences as you, etc...

Monetization will be through ad placement on site (and probably other methods but I have not sat down and thought through all the ways yet).

What I bring:

1. the best domain name for this project: "Publish Your Autobiography on the Net @"
2. fully detailed layout/plans of how site can function
3. SEO and marketing experience
4. Tools to reach a large audience to get the site jump started with submissions and content

What You Need to Bring

1. kick ass coder who can develop the platform. This could run off of Wordpress or it could be custom.
2. graphic skills - this is not required but would be a nice bonus because I can't do much more than basic editing in Photoshop.


50/50 split on ownership and profit provided you stay onboard, see the project through and remain active if changes are needed

51/49 voting split in my favor. while i'd like us to agree on everything, sometimes you come to an stalemate and someone's got to make a decision in order to move forward.

That is the plan in a nutshell. Not giving out any more specifics about the details in the thread. If you're interested PM me. If you have a site or two that you coded and you could provide the URL that would be great.
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    What distinguishes the site from a blog where they can also share their life story.


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