Looking for a JV in the fitness niche

by PorterSummers 15 replies
I am in the process of trying to develop my website, theproteinfreak.com, and I realize that getting a JV might be a good idea. Looking for list, articles, etc. Send me a dm if interested.
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    VERY interested.

    I can't PM...here's my skype: mehdi.tihani
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  • I am interested. If you would like to work with me. Please PM me.
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    Hey I am interested

    Add me to Skype
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    I have an IM network whose profiles range in niches. They promote their affiliate products in our network and Health & Fitness is one of the most popular niches that I'd like to promote. They have a very active blog in the Weight-loss niche especially. Have a look at our network and here's some of our member's weight-loss blogs.
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    I am also very interested in that niche. I am in the health and fitness category and it would be nice to get fresh ideas.
    http://www.charlesmomo.com Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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      I have PR 2 iBodyBuild.in Domain for sale - Best to Boost your SEO and Promotion . It has a YouTube channel with videos ranking good and sending free traffic.
      ***** HiTeBooks.com***** - Download 2000+ PLR eBooks for Free! /// Buy Google Adwords Accounts with $70 Ad Credit for $35
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    Just started a new JV Giveaway in the weight loss/beauty industry.

    The New 2013 True JV Giveaway!

    Giveaway: Starting Date 1-31-2013
    Ending Date: 2-9-2013

    A Lot of People Lose Weight
    But Few Do Eating All of the
    Proverbial Bad Foods
    Drop 22...in 67 Days

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    I've been in the local fitness biz in St. Louis, offering women's group fitness for the last 3+ yrs, offering my 2 day intensive Women's Weight Loss Retreats and I've got a few WL online products.

    Shoot me a PM if you're interested in talking. Thanks
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    I pretty much just sell PLR in the weight loss niche and other niches. Sold quite a bit on Fiverr - a lot in fact - but I've had enough of the non-messaging previous buyers policy of Fiverr and their other restrictions, so I am striking out on my own.
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    Hi Joan didn't understand your message but here's mine....

    Wondering if you're too busy to make a quick buck? I just completed an eBook that are getting rave reviews from friends and family. It's original and it is my personal story about my weight loss journey, which also included recipes, super foods grocery list, celebrity illness info.... and some blow your mind facts about the food industry.

    I know that I can easily sell it for $27.00 but am willing to do a jv with JV partner that has a massive database at a huge discount which will have your subscribers love you even more.... let's talk if you're interested. If you're interested in a copy of the book let me know.

    Act quickly cause I talking to everyone; first come first serve.
    I'm also planning to market it on click bank at some point,
    once i make enough money to do some further research
    build a serious sales funnel which will include whiteboard presentation etc....

    Looking forward to a speedy response

    If You know of anyone else that's in the beauty/health industry that maybe interested please forward my inform.


    A Lot of People Lose Weight
    But Few Do Eating All of the
    Proverbial Bad Foods
    Drop 22...in 67 Days

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    Hi guys,

    Looking for a JV in Health & Fitness niche


    Marketing Advisor, Top Selling Author, Speaker, Dan Kennedy trained GKIC Certified No B.S. Business Advisor

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      I am looking for someone to promote a jv in the health niche too. people wanting to get healthy.

      So, do you already have a list in the health niche?
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        I am a season fitness pro, launching a newly overhauled site. I'm also looking for someone who is of equal pro status in the marketing dept to match. Let's talk a great JV partnership and make it happen. PM me if interested or skype: greatform

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  • I think it is a good one to go.

    I am doing about training without lifting weight.

    It is like light training.

    I can help you with articles.

    I will give you one tips to find information for your articles.

    Go to Youtube.

    Find the channel ehowfitness.

    I subscribed to it.

    It gives you good video about fitness everyday.

    If you like, we can work together.

    Pm me and we can discuss through email or skype or whatever if you are interested.

    Currently on mode of looking for growing traffic. If you have an offer, contact me by email: blastor555@gmail.com

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