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This is your JV invite to promote "Self Improvement With IST" through win-win-win-jv affiliate network and make a lot more than your initial affiliate check for the same effort. This is a unique offer your list will love. When I say unique, I really mean unique. Every aspect of the offer is unique.

Unique to your buyers/list members.

1. Your list members/customers get the first one on one session free(Value $77). Let your friend, relative or business associate know about the free one on one session and help them over come whatever that is holding them back from their full potential - be it making more money, losing weight, quit smoking, resolving relationship issues, taking their business to the next level - they will be thankful to you forever.

2. IST is a revolutionary technique - non-conventional, non-evaluative - the student will have a chance to look his/her life events and experiences in a new light and understand what is holding him/her back and set the stage for self transformation.

3. We promote it through our win-win-win-jv system which means your buyers get back a lot more than what they pay for the service through monthly profit sharing passive income, in addition to great service.

Unique to you - the JV/Affiliate:

1.It is super easy to promote & convert IST because you can offer the initial IST session free to your list members/customers(Value US$77)

2.We offer 2 tier commission.You get paid for your direct sales and on the sales of your referrals.

3.You will be making a lot more than your initial affiliate check for every single sale through our win-win-win-jv. system in monthly profit sharing passive income. You sell once and get paid forever for every single sale you make.

Here is your link for jv signup and additional info:

Self Improvement Tips

I would love to have you as a jv partner/affiliate and help me promote "Self Improvement With IST".
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