List of 270+ in IM niche looking for ad swaps

by Michelle Stevens 10 replies
Hi, I am looking for ad swap partners with similar size lists as mine in the IM niche for free offers only.

Please either PM me or add me on Skype to discuss

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    sent you a pm for more details.
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    I have a list of 400 in the IM market and would like to do an ad me if interested.

    Make serious money whenever you make a post on Facebook."Proven Case Study Video Reveals How This Secret Fan Page Makes Money By Just Giving Away Things For Free!"..

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      I have a list of 300+ and growing at the moment in IM. Pm me as well if you would like to do a swap.

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    I'm interesed in doing a swap... my list is 700 and growing (IM/MMO niche). PM me and we can talk more. I'll also try you on Skype.

    Steve Dooley
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    Im very new to listbuilding. I would like to JV with anyone with a decent list size for a solo ad to download my free product in return for any of the below services that I can do for you.

    Im pretty good with wordpress and building websites. In return I can build a website for you in wordpress with literally any function or feature you want.

    Alternatively these are the stuff I can do for you in return. Let me know if you are interested in any of these offers of mine.

    =============================XXXX================= ===============
    I can implement the Connect with Facebook option to collect the very important Facebook email id’s automatically added to your autoresponder.

    You send traffic to your squeeze page and all the visitor has to do is click on the button which says “connect with Facebook” Immedietly their very important facebook email id will get added to your autoresponder. Make note, their facebook email id is very valuable, as this is the email id they check every single day.

    =============================XXXX================= ===============
    I can develop a wordpress website for you with literally any kind of feature that you want.

    Project: We help you build very affordable WordPress based websites quickly for your business. Almost any kind of feature can be added to your website. You yourself can modify these sites from your WordPress control panel. Even the template of the website can be changed instantly.

    =============================XXXX================= ===============
    I can create a membership site for you out of your WordPress blog. Offer free membership or paid premium membership on your website.

    Basic Features: You can Add a Buy or a Subscription button on any post or page.
    You can also have teaser content displayed to non members who gets to access full content only after they become a member. Can hide content between shortcodes
    You can also have trial membership and create many different membership levels too.
    Integreted affiliate system. Drip content features also available

    =============================XXXX================= ===============
    I Will Setup Your WordPress Site To sell Any Digital Products With A Two Tier Affiliate System

    Project: If you have a wordpress website on your domain, then I can set it up with a premium affiliate tracking plugin to sell any digital product or products to offer literally any kind of affiliate system. Sell individual products, memberships or have a shopping cart, Affiliates get their own login with advanced statistics of their promotion. Option to add banners too. Give fixed commission or percentage basis.

    =============================XXXX================= ===============
    I Will Convert Your Sales Page Into A Facebook sales Page So Buyers Can Like And Buy Directly From Facebook itself.

    Project: For those Internet marketers utilizing Facebook as part of their promotional strategies, now you can turn it into a full blown Sales Page which can be more effective than the standalone one. If you are selling any product on the web and have a sales page, I can convert it into a Facebook sales page or a squeeze page where your customers can LIKE your page to get a free gift and proceed to subscribe or read further info on your product to buy it.

    Example websites:
    Connected website:
    Connected website:
    Connected website:

    =============================XXXX================= ===============
    I Will Create A Facebook Page For You In The New Timeline Where You can display Any Kind Of Content.

    Project: I will create a Facebook page tab for you with videos or any other content you give me in the new Timeline Format. If you have a website then I can also make all the links on the FB page connected to your website. You need to give the full content or a site where i can use content from. Will also create a suitable Time line image for the cover.

    =============================XXXX================= ===============
    I Can Spice It Up Your WordPress Site With Advanced Social Networking Capabilities While SEO Optimizing It.

    Project: Members can login using their Facebook, Twitter,, Gmail & Yahoo id’s. SEO optimized and integrated with Google analytics, XML sitemaps, Feedburner RSS and Email capture. Facebook capabilities built in is: Facebook like and comment options on every post, Likebox on the sidebar connected to your Facebook page. Autoposting to Facebook & Twitter. Cross commenting to your Facebook page and visa versa back to your wordpress site on each post.

    =============================XXXX================= ===============

    Do send me a PM let me know if anyone out there with a decent list size in the Internet marketing industry is willing to help me out in return for my web developing services.

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      I just did a smooth successful list swap the other day. When my list was 317. Now it's around 348.

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        Hi There,

        I've got a new list of 250 subscribers in the IM niche.
        I can't PM.

        If anyone is interested in swaps let me know.

        My list is build up with social media / ppc

        PM me or mail support[@]


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    I have a list in Sports, if you want to do a adswap
    Livinsport is a social networking site for athletes,coaches scouts and even fans to interact and connect. Make an account for Free today!!

    is a crowd-funding platform for students looking to raise money to further their education. Sign-up for our Beta Trial Today!!!
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    I have 150 subscribers if anyone wants to swap.
    Web hosting for £1.99 per month, with no upfront fees! Use your own domain name or buy one with your hosting!

    Choose the £4.99 per month option and
    use promotion code 'WARRIOR'
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    Hello, I have a list just started out (3 weeks) with 100+ subscribers (growing 3-4 per day). Let me know via PM if you'd like to swap with me.

    p.s. Internet Marketing and Make Money Online niche.

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on". (Robert Frost)

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