Use Our Paid List Building Wordpress Plugin for Free to Build your List

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We'd like to double/treble the number of opt ins that you are currently getting from your blog using software that we've just finished developing.

Here's what I'm offering to do:-

1) Install our plugin on your Wordpress site (this is a paid plugin with over 400 customers)
2) Create compelling new optin boxes for your blog (widget, post footer and lightbox / slide ins). We can also create squeeze pages if necessary
3) Create variations of those optin boxes and run split tests for you
4) Increase your conversions over the next few weeks to double your conversion rate

All for free.

Why? We need new case studies for our software. We want to prove how effective this new list building tool is in any niche.


1) Your site needs to be on Wordpress
2) You need to be getting at least 100 visitors/day
3) You need to be happy with giving me access to run these tests on your site

We already have 6 case studies running on a number of different blogs now and the results are very, very good.

If you've ever wanted to do split testing to increase conversions but have never gotten around to it or didn't know how then here's a big opportunity.

And, of course, once the case study is over - you can keep the plugin for free. The site is here: Hybrid Connect: Most Advanced Mailing List Building Plugin for WP.

In return, we'd like to use the results we get you in our marketing material.

We reserve the right to choose case study participants.

Please PM me the following if you'd like to take advantage of this:-

- Site URL
- Daily Visitors

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    pm'd you.

    * do you have plans to create a footer bar opt in or a header stripe?

    * can i easily turn off the plugin if a user is logged in? !is_user_logged_in()

    * if user is logged in on FB, but wants to register "normally," can that be done? right now i'm thinking i'd add a link to a "manual" registration page -- basically -- can i make the FB login into an option and not a forced feature? why? visitor is on a friend's iPad. visitor does not want to use the FB email or connect their FB account with your content (i run and most people are sensitive about revealing their health status).

    * can you give us some indication about your long-term dedication to your plugins?

    * do you have a community of users?

    dainis w michel
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      i tried to submit support requests but they disappeared in your helpdesk upon submission.

      i am trying to get your plugin to work at

      i would like to display what i thought i configured as "connector" 5 when users are not logged in only.

      to test i tried to put the following code into my footer:

      <?php hybrid_connect_insert_connector(5);?>

      nothing happened.

      my goal is to use this code, or something you suggest so that the popup only appears if the user is not logged in:

      <?php if (!is_user_logged_in()) { ?>
      <?php hybrid_connect_insert_connector(5);?>

      that was also not working so i went with your shortcode:

      [hcshort id="5"]

      and i "thought" it was working until i put the shortcode at the top of a post and a completely different form appeared (not the one i had configured).

      Shortcode Design
      Widget Design
      Lightboxes & Slide Ins
      Squeeze Pages

      right next to each other in the UI, it is difficult to see what is going to display, or what is going on really -- i want a Lightbox. I made one. I have the code, but when i put it in my post -- the shortcode design came up.

      Ahhh - ok, the template i made and loaded for the shortcode somehow "bonged out." OR?

      OK -- now I have the shortcode working -- but it does not do the lightbox effect -- which it had a moment ago.

      Is it the "last setting saved" that takes over what the shortcode does?

      The lightbox was working briefly -- and now I cannot replicate the settings for the lightbox to appear -- even though I have the lightbox set to appear on all posts and pages.

      I would rather use the conditional logic above -- only show the lightbox if the visitor is not logged in -- and then I will add a Login button to that lightbox.

      I'd also like to mix and match email capture methods during the visitor's experience.

      Can you help?

      Again -- I submitted 2 help tickets both of which apparently disappeared upon submission to your helpdesk here:

      best and looking forward to configuring your plugin in a way that helps bring in subscribers.

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      • Profile picture of the author paj_mccarthy
        Hi Dainis,

        This is the first I've seen of this support ticket that you've raised here at the Warrior Forum hence the late response. I'm not sure why the helpdesk isn't working for you because I've been replying to customers most of the morning - it seems quite a strange issue.

        I'm not sure what the current state of your issues are so please can you email me paul[at] with concise details of what the problems are and I'll fix those for you.

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  • Profile picture of the author Dainis
    who knows paul -- the HD just bonged two messages -- things happen. i'll get in touch via email and thnx for responding here :-)
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  • Profile picture of the author Shaolinsteve
    Great Idea!

    I have sent you a PM Paul.
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  • Profile picture of the author TycoonRob
    Paul, just wondering if you have any Warrior deals for that plugin. I don't have nearly 100 visitors/day to my site since it's kinda new and I haven't done a lot of promotions yet. Let me know. Thx.

    Doubt everything you believe.

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    I'd like to try the plug in please. Would you mind pm'ing the link to download.
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  • Profile picture of the author sgtsavvy
    I am looking for an alternative to popup domination and would def like to try this out. I've compared QUITE a few, so I could provide you with some REALLY good feedback about where it fits in terms of comparison and potential areas of improvement. Please PM me and I'll give it a try.

    Enroll for FREE in Content Marketing Bootcamp until this class fills up.

    Free Guide To LearnHow To Setup Your Own Home Recording Studio

    It all boils down to doing the right things, the right way, in the right order.

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  • Profile picture of the author paj_mccarthy
    Thanks for the people who helped us out with this.

    We've had a number of very successful case studies and are no longer looking for any more reviewers.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Fleming
    Just took a look at your sales page and the plugin looks impressive so I've jumped in and will give it a spin on one of my sites. Be interesting to see if it does indeed increase sign ups.

    I'll let it run for a couple of weeks and report back.

    Take care

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