JV request: Weight Loss niche, 3000 subscribers, 100+ clicks ad swaps

by Alex Williams 21 replies
Hi Warriors,

I have a list of ~3000 subscribers in the weight loss niche, and I'm looking for other list owners to do ad swaps with.

Some information about my list:

- ~80% women;
- got on my list by subscribing to receive a free weight loss diet;
- I am sending 1-2 messages a week to keep it highly responsive;

I will only swap for a free optin (no sales pages), can deliver 100+ clicks. I am not currently interested in promoting affiliate offers.

If you are not able to swap yet cause of your small list, I can get a solo ad spot for you, please send me a PM if interested, with the message you would like me to send.

If you are interested in doing an ad swap, please PM me with the following information:

- Your list size and how many clicks you can deliver;
- How your subscribers got on your list (what offer did they subscribe for?)
- Your message the way it should go out (subject, body);
- Preferable swap date;

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