Let's Launch Your WSO to The Top! I Have Affiliates and 1000's of CPA Marketers

by Joey Babbs 20 replies
I have had to close this offer - I can only work with 1 person right now...Thanks for replying.
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    Hello Joey

    nice to meet you, i am Fabrizio, psychologist and internet marketer. I specialize in training products to allow people to acquire the most difficult quality to succeed online: the right mindset.

    I am producing several high quality products, so we could eventually build a profitable long lasting partnership.

    Next week i will release a product and i am looking for jv partners. This is the title:
    One Week Program to a "Millionaire Marketer Mindset"
    Your One Week Program to a Millionaire Marketer Mindset using the Most Powerful Self Help Technique on the Planet
    The program consists in 18 training audios. The clients need to do 3 audio trainings per day (about 20 minutes) for one week to greatly improve their mindset to succeed online.

    Here you can see a post where i recruit beta testers for my membership site and see the interest of the people in this kind of trainings:

    If you are interested to talk about it:
    skype: fabrizio.mardegan

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    Interesting topic, I have sent you a PM with a request.

    Please check.
    Roulette Strategy From A Professional Player.
    Number/pattern system do not work...interested to learn how a professional gambler has been winning for years?
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    I am interested in this. I will pm you.

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    Joey, please PM me. I want to know more about your offer. I have a product (and many potential ones) that could sell well. Most of them are 90-95% finished...

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    Originally Posted by Joey Babbs View Post

    Let's Make $10,000 a Month Each

    I have launched several WSOs last year and have generated 5 figures each and the last two hit WSO of the day. I have sold several thousand copies in Warrior Plus and have a large network of people who can promote and who are interested in CPA affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

    Now I want to team up with someone who can make Awesome WSO's for us...we will launch it to the world...and generate massive sales for it...you will be full partner through Warrior Plus and through our solid JV agreement.

    Here is what I can provide:

    Access to a large network of affiliates for WSO's, high converting sales copy, JV and sales page design, recruitment, a large list of buyers and other promotional methods that will pretty much guarantee we get WSO of the day everytime...as long as the product rocks.

    If you already have a WSO even better! If not send me a PM and we can discuss...your product.


    Keep in mind I looking for partners who want to promote a few solid WSO's or people that already have an idea for a WSO or something created...

    Please do not send me a message asking what type of product you should launch!

    If you are creating a product now or have an idea then let's team up.

    For all other discussions we will need to go private. I am available on Skype as well.

    I also have a solid JV agreement designed to ensure we are both protected in this partnership.

    Hey Joey!

    You seem like the guy we need to help with our WSO about SEO.

    Does this fit your niche for traffic generation?

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    Send you a PM Joey.
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    Hey Joey,

    Thanks for the offer. We have 3 video courses we are looking to promote. Can you help us? you can check our website- videocourses.qikest.com
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    Hey Joey,

    sent you a PM
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    PM sent
    waiting for a reply

    Stop Wasting Time and get straight to Learning How to Build a Successful Online Business from Scratch...

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    send you pm, waiting for your response

    Smartsocial - The Social Media Marketing Company

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    Hello Joey,

    Is it that you ignore people or just me.

    I have sent you couple of PMs but no reply,
    yet you are online!

    Whatz up with that?
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      Hi Everyone - sorry if I don't reply to all of you but the response to this post has been tremendous and I only have time to work with one of you for now...

      Sorry if that comes of as being rude....but i never expected so many messages.


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    Hey PM sent, I'm sure you will like what I have
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    Based on your experience, do you think a FB cloaker would do well as a WSO?
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    Hi Joey,

    Just PM'ed you. Hope you'll like what I have to offer.

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      Looks like you may be filled up with opportunities but I sent you a PM anyway. I can create unlimited amounts of products on the fly very quickly. Not just one or two. Please feel free and contact me. You have all my contact detail in the PM. - Pete

      Pete Petri
      Internet Marketing Coach & Product Creator
      Skype: p_petri

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    I've sent you a PM, please check and reply as feasible.

    Varun Mahajn

    Please do not use affiliate links in signature files

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    I have sent a Pm. I have the WSO created I just need you to review it.

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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    Let's do this! PM sent!
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