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by timpr
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Hello, I hope you all are having a good day. For me, I am getting real and am starting on my journey to real success. I'm very creative with ideas, but I have never really produced a WSO, because I thought that my stuff wasn't good enough.

I have looked on the WSO forum for a few years now, and I would always think that everyone else had better products no matter how good I thought my ideas were. I'd get fearful because I thought that everyone would criticise my WSO and refund it, or I that wouldn't gain any subscribers.

I'm getting older too, and I really am not getting anywhere in my job. I need to create my own income to live on and to retire from. My wife's grandfather is dying now. He is back home with Hospice care, so this is another reality that life is so short, and I believe that everyone needs to have control in life.

Bottom line is that today I will begin my journey to actually make some sort of success this year. By January 22nd 2019, I want to see major improvement in my life. I will make an article and post it here today, and everyday I will be adding something to the WF.

If anyone wants to come on the journey with me, then let's go for it. I want to really contribute honest work on the WF. Who knows, maybe by next year we won't have to rely on our jobs so much. I'm not looking for fast riches, I want to create wealth for years to come.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope that everyone will have plenty of success in life.

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  • I am sorry to hear about your wife's Grandfather
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    Thank you, events like those are never really happy. When times happen, it always reminds me that time is too short. I have a book that I'm working on, hopefully it will do well. I just want to enjoy life more, and not have to worry about money anymore.

    I'm not the kind that wants mansions, and super cars. I want to enjoy my money wisely and not go broke.
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    any update?
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    I hope you are getting your email notices. I want to encourage you to come back and report weekly. It encourages us, and if you fall behind or hit a roadblock, be brave and say so. This isn't a place of judgement, but encouragement.

    Come on and get back on track. I wasted 10 years.... Don't follow that example. You have to be better than me. Besides, I want to know how you create your WSO so I might do it to.

    Here's a toast to you coming back!

    Be of Good Cheer!

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    If someone is dying or very sick in a family it really makes it hard to get things done. I wish you courage to break through and come back here soon.
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  • Life is short. In 2004 I lost my fiancĂ© to her battle with crohns disease, just before she turned 23 years old.

    An online business will only supplement your current income when you treat your online business like an actual business. You should have a monthly advertising & marketing budget to increase sales and revenue, to improve your business and enhance your lifestyle.
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    I don't know you, but I can somehow connect. I believe with every cell of my being that this time next year you will have made some incredible improvements already! Looking forward for your updates!
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    Thanks for these tips
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