[Live FB Case Study] Marketing for Finance Company - Feedback Welcome

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Quick intro: I work as a marketer and will be posting case studies here.

We have a new client in need of a campaign. Details of strategy we produced for client below.

Feel free to read and learn, and also give us feedback on our strategy.

Client: finance services provider
Product: invoice financing
Target market: small business owners
Budget: $1,000 in FB ad spend

Basically, the client provides a financial service where they help small business owners (target market) who have many unpaid invoices. The client helps the small business owner's cashflow by buying their unpaid invoices. They then chase up payment on those invoices and charge a small fee for the service from the small business owner. Everyone is happy.

Our strategy: use a 15 second video advert. Target potential business owners, advisors, accountants via Facebook ads platform. The video will explain the benefit in simple terms: "turn your unpaid invoices into cash in 24 hours!"

The call to action on the video is:

1. Put your questions in the comment section
2. Call us directly

The video advert will include text caption that goes into more detail. In the caption is a link to a second video (hosted on Youtube) that explains the process in more detail - 2 minute watch.

We will be tracking: impressions on advert, engagement from relevant audience, views on second video, and finally phone calls made to client.

Will be posting updates on the forum as the campaign goes live. Any feedback before we go live, let me know ASAP.

Let me know if this type of post is helpful and I'll make more.

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