Launching your First WSO....

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I launched my 1st WSO around mmmm 10 years ago

Now is time for me to launch one

Follow me in this "path" , mini course, where I show you how I launch my own WSO.... how I research the market, how I explore opportunities and how I literally leverage the Warrior Forum to launch a great product .

Follow up this post to be sure to be notified of the next Videos...
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    Thanks Gabe this was so over due

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    Thanks for this dude, It's good to let us know such type of insights.
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    Looking forward to this video series. I got a feeling its gonna be a good one!
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    Great start. Ready for the next video.
    Curating the Best of Internet Marketing

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    I'm following this for sure. Very interesting.

    For a while, I've been interested in launching my own WSO and could never get started with the process.This is going to be very interested as you go through the process of building the product and launching it on the forum.

    Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

    All the best.
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    I would like to make my own WSO. I have a great product but tbh the forum is very confusing about the whole process.

    The key for me is I'd need to know how to pay for it without having access to PayPal.

    Maybe WSO's should be free to post but you need to hand over your affiliate commission to the WF. The WF's cut of the income could be tied to some sort of autobump of high selling products (which presumably are the good ones).
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    As warriorforum doesn't allow warriorplus anymore for payments, could you please explain a bit about how warrior payments work?

    How is it possible to get affiliates to promote your product?

    There is not much info about it and it seems complicated to pull off.

    Thank you

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