I'm a digital marketing noob. Watch me become a fully fledged PRO (with paid clients) in 360 days

by Solais
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I thought about doing this last year, but hesitated because I mistakenly believed the market/demand was "saturated."

Oh boy, was I wrong; in fact, almost everyone I talked to IRL had no idea "digital marketing" was even a thing. This is what living in an Internet bubble does to you - you think "Omg! Everyone is already doing this...what am I going to do?!" when hardly anyone in real life concurs.

Anyway, I'm dead set on this now, and if you'd like to check out some of the content/resources I've been using, feel free to check in every few days.

I have NOT set up email marketing (yet), mainly because I don't want to come off as salesy. I'm not trying to sell you anything.

I just want to give you an idea of what you should do if you need to improve your SEO/PPC/whatever skills (and especially if you're starting out), but equally as importantly, I don't want to give up halfway. This is my main motivator.

Thanks, and good luck.

(Currently on Day 2 of Day 360)

Layman Marketing Blog: From Pro to Grandmaster

Questions/comments appreciated.
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    Okay so let me help you out here today..

    i will try to be precise and for further queries you may reach out to me in my inbox.

    1: Have a goal. By goal I mean having a sense of direction. It means that you know that what will you be selling or the services you will be offering. Try to utilize your skills here. Also what you need to do is to give it a good thought that how can you be more efficient in what you are offering and why is it better than anything else out there.

    2: Use a good emailing software and it is absolutely critical that you do. What i mean by that is you need to invest in a software in accordance with your needs. Now a days it is about email automation since it has better ROIs so i suggest you go for a good priced reliable software. I personally do not like Mailchimp because even with all the price and the bucks you have to pay, i do not find it profitable. Yeah try others such as Campaigns+, Autocampaigns and many more. With these softwares you will have the option to schedule and send emails in bulk and it helps believe me.

    3: Now the third important thing is having clients and to get lists if you dont have any, you can contact facebook or many other socail media platform from where you can buy the lists. The good thing is that there are a few emialing software now with whom you mat be able to send campaigns and get the stats as to who where and how many times opened your email. So yeah, choose wisely and contact me if you need the right info. If you are able to do this right, and know from which locations you are getting the best ROIs and which locations are cold, you can suddenly have the right place to invest on.

    Try setting up auto followups for your clients and it makes them feel valuable. As in different followups for different criteria. But you will need someone to write content for you and you may contact me for that as well since i know some good websites and free lancers who do that.

    Also you must be good at making offers. Truth is everyone has the product but the one with the best offer sells the most. Hence try to come up with a matchless offer. Once you do that, you can certainly have the edge over your competitors.

    I hope these basics help you up.

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    Originally Posted by Solais View Post

    I have NOT set up email marketing (yet), mainly because I don't want to come off as salesy. I'm not trying to sell you anything.
    Hopefully, nowadays, you should never have to only need to be "salesy" to start implementing your "list building process" asap, as in immediately!

    That should be good for whatever one wants to "start" on Internet.


    Well, let me guess. If you want to "do something on Internet" -which could be a business or not- it is VERY likely you will want to look for an AUDIENCE of some sort, right?
    And, to keep that audience alive and engaged you need to immediately implement an instant communication channel with it. Thus, a meaning to let it know about your "next move" and so how and where they can assist, whatever it is you want to 'present' it.

    Up until now, there still hasn't been any more efficient channel than email, and that is a proven fact, to quickly reach huge audiences and get them engaged in a relatively short period of time, at once.

    Think about it. Whatever is your goal online, whatever you want to accomplish, it is a MUST without question to establish an email -for marketing or not it's the same- communication channel the sooner the better chances of success, and on a faster pace on top of that.

    It hasn't been said enough, not only "the money is in the list" but now "everything is in the list". Doesn't anybody have noticed that now absolutely everything is MARKETING, and that, WE are the PRODUCTS! ?
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    i will try to be precise and for further queries you may reach out to me in my inbox.

    Offering help by PM or unsolicited PMs sent to other members can result in banning on the forum. Just a caution.

    Also - please read the 'sticky' for this Warrior Path section.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
    One secret to happiness is to let every situation be
    what it is instead of what you think it should be.
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    Awesome Solais.

    A few things to keep in mind buddy.....

    I have NOT set up email marketing (yet), mainly because I don't want to come off as salesy. I'm not trying to sell you anything.

    - Email marketing is not salesly Fear-filled, desperate or greedy human beings using the tool of email marketing are salesly. So please email your list and help them with your valuable content. They want it.

    - I get time frame goals but def want you to think it through; what do the 1 year and full time labels mean to you? Significance-wise? Most folks set goals and put themselves under the gun solely because many other humans set the same goal. You want to be really really really detached and have loads and loads of fun with this intent, making it playful-like, to go full time in a year, and I know about .01% of humans who pull this off.....hell, it took me 8 years to pull this off LOL. I had worldly success and became full time, but with tension, resistance, and force and fear in my being. Not a good look. Things tend to take a bit longer to manifest (maybe 2-3 years) when you move away from goals/agendas/outcomes driven IM, toward a light, playful energy, but goodness, you'll love the ride, your worldly success will astound you and you will develop skills you never dreamed you'd develop.

    Go for it if it feels amazing to you, but do think through why you're doing this, and the energy backing it.

    Happy DMing

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Wow, goodluck!
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    Originally Posted by Solais View Post

    (Currently on Day 2 of Day 360)

    Layman Marketing Blog: From Pro to Grandmaster

    Questions/comments appreciated.
    Seeing as how your web hosting account has been suspended, I can only assume that you didn't make it to 'Day 3.'

    Another one bites the dust. Explanation appreciated.

    God speed, Grandmaster! :-)

    "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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