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There are literally pages upon pages about subdomain versus subdirectory and which (if either) will have a real impact on SEO.

Finally, I got tired of it and have set out to do a boilerplate test over the next 6 months to see which is which and report back here from time to time to keep everyone in the loop.

Those of you that want to chime in and offer your input, thoughts, questions, fire away. I will try to answer all of your questions as best I can so we can once and for all give this some empirical evidence one way or another.

The URL that I own is www.Vacation.Rentals

The first subdomain I am going to create is Colorado.Vacation.Rentals

On the flipside, I will also create a subdirectory for https://www.Vacation.Rentals/Rentals/Colorado

I will test out by city and state to see which one responds the best to this test.

It is my belief (right or wrong) that the subdomain will do better pushing up my main site than the directories. Could be completely off base with this, but I am going to give it a shot all the same.

Will report here once a week with screen shots taken from Link Assistant to follow along with.
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    Like yourself right or wrong...

    It is my belief that sub-directories ( url/subdirectory ) is the stronger of the 2. It is my thinking and experience that sub-domains carry their own domain authority or domain score or domain weight - what ever you want to call it.. vs sub-directories that actually will build apon and take advantage of a single domain with sub-directories.

    If you do some research you find guys like Rand Fishkin weighing in on the subject. the mistakes he made and what he ended up with. Here is an article that disagrees with Rand.. and then in the comments section Rand actually responds an leaves some great links.

    Oops the article might help:
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