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Ok I think that's a cool title, so I am rolling with it.

Hello all.

OK, ill start with a little about me! I am from the UK 29, married and I have two young children.

I was unfortunately forced to change my career path over a year ago due to injuries. Since then things went bad. Struggled to get back into work.

Over that time though, I managed to design a product and launch a small business. I learned how to build and tweak websites on WordPress. I am constantly evolving and learning. My copywriting techniques are improving and I have learned a lot about myself and what I want to do!

The main thing i learned though is the importance of concentration. Sitting down everyday and paying my dues through learning and implementation. I love copywriting and content creating. And i am thoroughly enjoying learning SEO.

My long term goals over the next five years are to become as proficient as i can be in IM, copywriting and SEO optimization. I would like to build succesful blogs, amazon affiliate sites and create content for people i.e articles with keyword optimization.

At the moment i have two sites on the go.

1) Based on CBD information. This has only been live around three weeks. The first set of articles are rubbish but as i got to number twelve i looked back and saw how much i had improved (still a long way to go)

Over the last 30 days i have recieved:

220 sessions
134 users
888 page views
11 organic searches
55% bounce rate
average time on page 1 min 46

I have just set up in google console today, even though I have had analytics since the start. I have put my site map in to be indexed.

Aims for this site are to continue to add to articles, go back and restructure and improve my cornerstone content. I would like to build the monthly visitors then use it to offer advertising directly to CBD manufacturers or medical marijuana manufacturers failing that I will use it for IM. I do have a couple of affiliate links in there at the moment.

2) Based on a form of depression

Again information resource site but this is more of an amazon affiliate site. Just finished a post comparing the top five products and managed 1700 words. This site is much better laid out and keyword optimized already than my CBD one but i will be going back over it later today to improve it all.

This one i am hoping to use just for affiliate sales but given the niche it may not be busy year round.

This site doesnt have any information yet as it has only been live about a few days but i have put it to be indexed as well as submitting its site map.

I am starting one more affiliate site with the help of Verena off of here from the WSO forum. This again is a niche but this will test my skills for building a dedicated amazon associates review site.

The other two i am just concentrating on them being information based sites with the hopes to monitize.

Why am i doing this?

Well i want to work from home if possible. Not to earn millions, but i love being around my kids. Given how long it would take me to climb a corporate ladder to make somebody else rich i just cant operate that way.

I guess i am taking a chance on myself to see what i am capable of.

It has been a tough year for me, with the lack of work. I hit some real lows. But it taught me so much about myself, and i learned to stay away from 'shiny things' as this would always ruin me. I am capable of managing my current work load.

I have learned to sit on my arse and get all my work done to the best of my ability and to work efficiently as well as prioritise tasks.

The goal for 2019 is to learn fully how to build amazon affiliate sites and drive traffic to them.

Learn how to create keyword optimized content for ranking on google.

If i can earn a profit i will be happy, if not i will be prepared to absolutely destro 2020.

I should add i ran a test campain last week on facebook to gather email addresses. I managed to get four sign ups in a day but facebook have closed my account until their security reopens it.

This was a huge plus for me and a win in my books! I set my add and landing page as a coming soon page for people to learn about a health condition!
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    This last week I have been using Quora and Instagram to draw attention to my CBD blog. I will be aiming to push SEO as much as I can.

    I hope to write another couple of articles today to help broaden my keywords and hopefully push my search engine ranks. Looking for guest blogging oppertunities as well. If any one has any suggestions my ears are open.
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    So, bit of a small victory but one of my pages is now showing on the 12th page of google! woo, lol I realise this isn't brilliant. But, for a three week old blog it isn't too bad.

    They exact keywords wont bring in any dominating search volume but its a little push in the right direction for myself and a little acknowledgement that this can be done!
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    A little update.

    Found another word i added onto one of my long tail keywords last night and it seemed to up my traffic a little bit.

    3 Organic searches today which has to be decent for a three week old blog. lol

    I have outsourced 3 x 1k word articles for each of my blogs. Time to thicken the content out. Will also be looking more into link building.

    My first proper amazon affiliate site is being built by Verena off of here. So, will update with that aswell.
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    Hey Ishaq

    Have not heard from you in several months and just wondering how the sites are going. any updates

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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